how to get rid of stubborn fat

It fair to say that MOST of us struggle with annoying areas of fat that just never seems to budge, despite dieting and exercising. But what causes stubborn fat? Read on to find out.

Whether its your stomachs, love handles, thighs, arms, back, or a double chin. If you are stuck with stubborn fat in these areas, even though you have been following a weight loss programme and spending hours in the gym, then you might be relieved to know theres an actual reason why you’re not seeing the results you are looking for. And its probably not your fault.

So lets talk fat cells…

There is actually a real difference between whats going on with stubborn fat cells and just the normal ones..

Within your fat cells you have receptors. These receptors receive messages from hormones that tell the fat cell to release fat or hold on to it. These receptors are call Beta-2 Receptors (the good guys) and Alpha-2 Receptors (the bad guys). The good guys, the Beta-2 Receptors, help with the fat burning process. The bad guys, Alpha-2 Receptors, they stop the fat from being burnt!!

So people with more Beta-2 Receptors can burn more fat than people who have more Alpha-2 Receptors. Begins to all make sense when you know the science behind it hay?!

As you can probably guess, areas of stubborn fat that don’t respond to dieting and exercise will have a much higher proportion of Alpha-2 Receptors. Blocking the fat cells ability to release energy. This is especially true for women who naturally have higher numbers of the Alpha-2 Receptors in their trouble areas. Damn those pesky Alpha-2s!!

How To Burn More Fat

So the obvious question is, how do we burn more fat and inhibit the Alpha-2 Receptors?

The answer to this is to keep your insulin low. This is because insulin has a major role when it comes to losing or gaining fat. Even a small increase in your insulin levels can turn off the fat burning switch.

That basically means a lower carbohydrate type of diet and, or Intermittent Fasting diets like the 5:2.

A low carbohydrate diet is classed as one which consists of a carb intake of 20% or less.

A low carb diet switches your body into Ketosis which is optimum for burning body fat. Intermittent fasting also switches your body into Ketosis. Intermittent fasting is also known to help reduce inflammation in the body, increase human growth hormone (great for fat burning) as well as encouraging cellular repair.

Exercise wise you should incorporate 2 – 3 HIIT or interval training sessions into your exercise programme as the Alpha-2s don’t fair well under the pressures of HIIT training.

Treatments to Target Stubborn Fat

At The Body Clinic we offer a WIDE range of clinically proven, award winning NON-SURGICAL Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting treatments to help you with your body shaping needs.

All our treatments can effectively target stubborn fat over and above what you can achieve with diet and exercise. Plus our treatments can SPOT REDUCE the bits you don’t like.

Whether your looking to reduce your Stomach, Love Handles, Arms, Back Fat, Cellulite, a Double Chin or even Man Boobs, we have the perfect treatment for you and with absolutely no down time you can carry on your daily routine as normal.

Our gold standard treatments for non-surgical liposuction include Fat Freezing and the Exilis Elite with the added boost from Shockwave Therapy to enhance and speed everything yup!

Treatments are pain free and there is no recovery time. Results can been seen around 8 weeks after your treatment.

These treatments could be the perfect boost to helping you finally get in shape.

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