how to get rid of bingo wings

As we get older women can fall victim to the dreaded bingo wings. This normally results in us hiding our arms under long sleeve tops or jackets. Well hide no more; now there is an effective non-surgical solution to help you wave goodbye to your bingo wings.

Whether your bingo wings are the result of ageing or weight changes, the upper arms are notoriously stubborn against dieting and regular exercise. Loose, flappy or crepey skin is also an effect of ageing, since collagen in our body breaks down over time, causing the skin to sag.

There are numerous toning activities you can fine online to target the upper arms, but unfortunately these are unlikely to bring the results you desire. Whilst regular exercise can help to lose fat and tone the muscle, it has no affect on skin laxity. Plus it is impossible to spot reduce fat from a specific area, such as your arms.

You could opt for liposuction to reduce excess fat, but unfortunately it won’t help to improve the tightness of your skin. In fact it could make your bingo wings even more flappy!

A surgical arm lift could resolve the issue of loose skin but you could be left with a long, unsightly scar from your elbow to your armpit. Not to mention the cost, recovery time and risks associated with surgery.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Bingo Wings

For a pain free non-surgical alternative to surgery or pointless hours in the gym, look no further than the award winning Exilis Elite!

Exilis Elite 

Having won ‘Best Treatment of the Year’ many times in the UK and USA, the FDA approved Exilis Elite can target stubborn fat cells AND tighten the skin! Making this our “GO TO” treatment to improve Bingo Wings.

The Exilis Elite uses a unique combination of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency to heat the skin and fat layers. This advanced aesthetic treatment can intelligently target specific depths with heat energy from 40mm to as little as 1.5mm.

The heat energy can be used to destroy the fat cells for inch loss or for skin tightening. Stimulating the production of collagen in the dermal layer which helps the skin to become, tighter and firmer. Most clients choose to have a combination of fat reduction and tightening to help reduce size and improve tone and texture of their arms, reducing the appearance of Bingo Wings. Its the perfect treatment to help achieve firm, shapely arms.

A course of 4 or 6 weekly Exilis Elite treatments are recommended to achieve best results.

If age is on your side and you are looking for a quick and simple treatment to help just reduce fat, then a 3D Lipo Fat Freeze could be the answer to slimmer arms.

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3D Lipo Fat Freezing

For long lasting fat reduction that can spot reduce chubby arms, Fat Freezing is a great option, especially if you are younger, without any looseness of skin.

Fat freezing are single treatments that destroy fat using cold temperatures. It takes around 8 weeks to see the results following a treatment and most clients might need one or two treatments.

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In this case no pain is a gain, since these procedures are completely pain free and require no recovery time, so you’ll be straight back to your daily routine!


Both the Exilis Elite and 3D Lipo Fat Freezing treatments can be used separately or in combination. Why not book in for a free consultation so we can help you feel confident in short sleeved clothing once again.