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Plasma Shower

The Plasma Shower treatment is a unique treatment that uses advanced Plasma Technology. When applying the Plasma energy at high or low atmospheric pressure we are able to target a number of different skin concerns very effectively.

This treatment is a super quick, painless and completely  non-invasive treatment. It is able target skin concerns such as Acne, Pigmentation and Ageing Skin to achieve truly excellent results- especially when combine with biorevitalisation products!

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What are the steps involved in a Plasma Shower treatment?


During the treatment, we apply Skin Boosters and Bio-Revitalisation products to the skin that previously would need to be injected into the skin to achieve the desired effects. Plasma induces the skin absorption rate by temporarily shrinking the skin cells allowing active ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin (dermis) without the use of injections or microneedling.

Anti-Pigmentation & Lightening

Plasma Shower has an anti-pigmentation effect on the skin by suppressing melanin production. Melanin is the pigment in your skin that can form dark patches or marks. As well as suppressing melanin, the Plasma used within this treatment increases the absorption, and therefore overall effect of the lightening products that we use to tackle pigmentation.


Plasma Shower is outstanding for treating acne. The plasma technology destroys the P.acnes bacteria (that’s what’s causing the problem), it sterilises the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces sebum (oil) production by 25%!

We also use the plasma technology to sterilise the skin prior to and after some of our other skin treatments such as Plasma BT and Microneedling.


Skin Regeneration and Tightening

Plasma technology increases collagen production and cellular regeneration making it a fantastic skin tightening treatment. Studies have shown a 14.8% increase (!) in skin density after a single treatment.

This really is a very unique treatment with an extremely fast procedure time and no recovery time! This can be a stand alone treatment, combined with medical grade products or advanced aesthetic procedures.

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Plasma Shower FAQS

How Does Plasma Shower Work?

Plasma Shower uses low temperature, atmospheric plasma which is applied to the surface of the skin. It is an ionised gas which creates electrical energy and works from the surface, epidermis and deep into the dermis.

It effects the skin positively to aid regeneration and repair; as well as sterilising the skin, having an anti-pigment effect, increasing skin elasticity and aiding the absorption of medical grade products into the skin.

What Can Plasma Shower Treat?

Plasma Shower can effectively treat and aid:

  • Acne
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Ageing and damaged skin
  • Laxity
  • Collagen remodelling
Does Plasma Shower Hurt?

Plasma Shower is a completely pain free treatment. The treatment may feel slightly warm in some places.

Are There Any Side Effects After Plasma Shower?

There are no significant side effects following a Plasma Shower treatment. You may have some slight redness and your skin may feel somewhat tight.

No recovery time is required after this treatment.

What is the Aftercare Following a Plasma Shower Treatment

Following your Plasma Shower treatment, due to its ability to open up the channels into the skin it is VERY important that nothing is applied to the skin for 12 hours.

  • No makeup can be worn after the treatment for 12 hours.
  • No Exercise, Sauna, Steam for 12 hours.
  • No skincare other than what is applied in the clinic can be used for 12 hours.
How Many Plasma Shower Treatments Will I Need

For best results we recommend a course of 4 - 8 treatments of Plasma Shower depending on your skin concern and the type of Plasma Shower treatment you are having.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended for Plasma Shower and Skin Booster or Bio-Revitalisation

Price list for treatment


    Per Treatment

    Course of 6

  • Face

    From £50

    From £250

  • Skin Booster Add On

    From £50

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