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Do you want healthier, brighter, more glowing skin?

Our advanced microneedling treatment promotes skin health by using the very latest in skin needling technologies to deliver quick and pain free treatments helping you achieve total skin rejuvenation.

Our microneedling treatments using the Nanopore Stylus, provides long lasting skin rejuvenation, for both the face and body. Treatments are suitable for all skin tones and can tackle specific skin concerns such lines and wrinkles, sun damage sun damage and acne scars.

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  • Improved Skin

  • Anti ageing

  • Natural Results

What is The Nanopore Stylus?

The Nanopore Stylus is a 3rd generation microneedling device. This mechanical pen works by tiny needles, rapidly puncturing the skin to induce a natural healing response. By stimulating the skin in this manner, the body starts to produce some of the natural substances we lose through the ageing, process such as collagen, elastin and growth factors.

The Nanopore Stylus offers greater advantages over Dermaroller and the original Dermapen:

The Nanopore’s speed and agility, combined with medical grade mesotherapy serums, ensures that treatments are comfortable, take less time than a the Dermaroller or Dermapen treatment and do not require topical anaesthetic cream.

Microneedling can treat all areas on the face or body and the Nanopore Stylus is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Microneedling Can Improve:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and pigmentation
  • Scars including Acne Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores
  • Hair loss & Alopecia

*Disclaimer: Results will vary from person to person and are based on factors such as lifestyle and medical history.

Microneedling - before and afters

A picture speaks a thousand words.

At The Body Clinic your goal is our goal. That’s why we believe our customers see great results and come back time and time again.


Results may vary from person to person*

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Why Choose The Body Clinic?

The Body Clinic is a Multi-Award Winning clinic based in the heart of the Midlands.

We help clients, just like you, be the best version of yourself without the need for cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures.

Our highly qualified team is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service.

We aim to set the gold standard in non-surgical solutions by providing the safest, most effective, clinically proven cosmetic treatments.

Our Recent Awards

My face, my body award highly commended 2016 My face, my body award highly Finalist 2016 My face, my body award highly Finalist 2017

The personal touch

During your consultation, you will meet with Kate or one of our her highly trained Aestheticians who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your consultation. They’ll listen to your concerns and guide you with expert knowledge on which treatments are best suited to help you reach your unique goals.

The team will answer all your questions, explain each treatment in a language that you can understand and provide upfront and honest advice on how you can best redefine your body! You’ll also be shown existing before and after images of clients just like you, so that you’ll get a real feel for how your body could be transformed.

At the end of your consultation, you’ll be presented with your recommended treatment programme as well as transparent pricing for you to take home to consider. Each clients’ treatment plan is personal and tailored, designed to help each individual look and feel better.

The Body Clinic appreciates that making the right decision may take some time, so they’re are always on hand if you have any extra questions or concerns. The team are passionate about helping you reach your potential with the help of award winning treatments.

  • No Dodgy Sales Tactics

  • Jargon Free

  • Simple honest pricing

  • Finance Available

What our customers say

I’ve recently finished my course of Cellulite Treatments and I’m amazed with the results! My legs look so much smoother! I love The Body Clinic, Kate and Charlotte have a world of knowledge on the treatments and services they offer. The consultation is very informative and tailored to you. You will not be judged, as a lot of people fear. The treatments definitely work and are pain free. The Body clinic is my new second home for an hour of pampering and a good chat, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Amina - Sutton Coldfield

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Microneedling FAQS

What is Microneedling?
Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT) is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation treatment.Our microneedling treatments are carried out using a mechanical microneedling device called the Nanopore Stylus. The needles puncture the skin to create a controlled injury in the skin. Each tiny puncture creates a channel in the surface of the skin. This signals the body to repair these microscopic wounds by producing growth factors, new collagen and elastin.This process is called neovascularization and neocollagenesis. It leads to improvement in the texture and tone of the skin and increases firmness as well as reducing scars, pore size and stretch marks.
What happens during the treatment?
During your microneedling treatment, your therapist will cleanse you face and apply a cocktail of serums to tackle your skin concerns.Your therapist will then use the Nanopore to microneedle the area. Once this is completed she my use the LED Light to aid recovery before applying retinol and SPF 50.
Does Microneedling hurt?
Our Nanopore Stylus uses the very latest skin needling technology. This ensures that treatments are comfortable even though we do not need to numb the skin before treating the area.
How many treatments will I need?
Whilst one off microneedling treatments can boost your skin, for best results we recommend a course of treatment.For skin rejuvenation, we recommend courses of 3 or 4 microneedling treatments.For scars such as Acne scars and Stretch marks we recommend a course of 6 treatments.Treatments are taken at 4 week intervals.
How will I look after a treatment?
Immediately after your Nanopore treatment your skin will be pink and may look a little sunburnt. It can also feel hot or tight. Over the next 12 hours this reduces and within 24 hours most clients are back to normal.The perforations quickly heal within 10 – 20 minutes.Some clients may have some light skin shedding for 2 – 3 days as the dead skin cells fall away. We recommend keeping your skin moisturised. Never pick at shedding skin.
How long do the results last for?
Results following a course of microneedling can last for round 6 months when maintaining a good skincare routine and using SPF 30+ every day.
Can I wear makeup after microneedling?
We advise all clients to wait at least 12 hours before applying any makeup after the microneedling treatment. We also recommend use new makeup applicators or to wash your makeup brushes.Where possible we recommend using mineral makeup.

Price list for treatment



    X 3

    X 6

  • Face, Neck and Decolletage




  • Face and Neck




  • Face




  • Decolletage




  • Acne Scars




  • Stretch Marks

    From £150

    From £425

    From £850

  • Skin Booster Add on

    From £50

Want to know more about Microneedling ?

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