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Body Transformation Programme

Are you fed up of seeing a reflection in the mirror that you no longer recognise? Or has life got in the way of you looking after yourself? This year, invest in yourself and give yourself the figure you’ve been longing for, without spending hours in the gym! With The Body Transformation Programme, the ultimate weight loss programme. There’s never been a better time to take back control and focus on YOU!

If you are serious about losing weight and dramatically improving your body shape, then our friendly team of experienced body shaping expert can help you. The Body Transformation Programme provides clinically proven, non-surgical Body Sculpting Treatments and a tried and tested Weight Loss Programme, which will have your body changing right before your very eyes.

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Start living your best life

If you have been struggling to slim down and yo-yoing from diet to diet, then we have the perfect solution for you. The Body Transformation Programme will help you unlock the key to successful, long term weight loss.

Using a tried and tested eating plan, along with weekly one to one coaching and support, you will lose weight quickly. The plans are designed to help you unlock your fat stores whilst maintaining a healthy metabolism and protecting your lean muscle. You’ll see the pounds falling off each week which really keeps your motivation on a high.

PLUS you’ll be receiving the very latest in Body Sculpting Treatments. These treatments are designed to melt away unwanted fat and inches and to make sure your skin remains nice and firm, you’ll receive skin tightening treatments to prevent saggy skin as you lose weight.

Start feeling like the best version of yourself, with no pain, no recovery time and absolutely no need to go under the knife.

How does it work?

The Body Transformation Programme includes a number of different elements, all of which help you to lose weight and inches, quickly and safely to achieve your goals.

  • A choice of flexible weight loss plans to suit your individual needs
  • A tailored programme of Body Sculpting Treatments
  • Our undivided support to help you achieve your goals
  • Long term maintenance to help you maintain your new figure

You’ll feel at ease with us, as our wealth of experience and genuine care for each client is personalised and tailored to your needs, with one goal in mind… Helping you to achieve the results that you want to see.

The Body Transformation Programme will enable you to lose weight and achieve a sculpted figure that supports and enhances you for years – boosting your confidence and self-esteem so you can start living your best life.

The Body Sculpting Treatments

No matter how much weight you lose, you can be left with stubborn areas of body fat that just won’t budge. Not to mention excess loose skin!

When you join The Body Transformation Programme you’ll get access to the very latest non-surgical treatments that can help shape and sculpt your body. All our treatments are completely non-invasive, pain-free and there’s no recovery time.

We will be able to target your problem areas to get rid of unwanted fat and inches, as well as tightening your skin to help you achieve a more slender figure.

You’ll benefit from treatments such as:

Your Body Transformation Programme will be tailored to your body concerns. A typical programme will start off with Fat Freezing and the weekly treatments to further reduce fat and inches as well as tightening your skin.

The Weight Loss Programme

The Body Transformation Programme offers flexible and convenient weight loss programmes to suit your individual needs, meaning you can choose the speed at which you lose weight.

Your eating plan will benefit from a wide range of great-tasting meal replacement products. Each product provides you with all the vitamins and nutrients you need to keep you healthy and to keep you full and energised throughout your day. Depending on your individual eating plan, you can combine these with healthy, nutritious foods including fruits, vegetables, meats and fish.

When you join the Body Transformation Programme, not only will you see incredible and rapid results, but we’ll help you maintain that weight loss long-term.

Body Transformation Programme - before and afters

A picture speaks a thousand words.

At The Body Clinic, your goal is our goal. That’s why we believe our customers see great results and come back time and time again.


Results vary from person to person*


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  • dramatic weight loss in 12 weeks with the body transformation programme

We're proud to be award winning!

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Why Choose The Body Clinic?

The Body Clinic is a Multi-Award Winning clinic based in the heart of the Midlands.

We help clients, just like you, be the best version of yourself without the need for cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures.

Our highly qualified team is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service.

We aim to set the gold standard in non-surgical solutions by providing the safest, most effective, clinically proven cosmetic treatments.

Our Recent Awards

My face, my body award highly commended 2016 My face, my body award highly Finalist 2016 My face, my body award highly Finalist 2017

What our customers say

I’ve lost 5 stone in 5 months on The Body Transformation Program and can’t recommend The Body Clinic enough.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years and tried all the diet under the sun. This is the first time I’ve ever managed to lose weight and keep it off.

With The Body Transformation Programme, I followed a low carb weight loss plan with weekly body treatments. This helped me lose weight really quickly and the treatments helped me lose inches and stopped my skin from sagging.

My normal day consisted of low carb meal replacements and healthy balanced meals. I enjoyed all the products and there is lots of sweet and savoury meals to choose from.

The body shaping treatments have really improved my shape. I’ve lost inches even from my stubborn bits like my back.

Doing this programme has completely changed my life and the relationship I have with food. It has made me a much happier person, improved my self-esteem and given me back the confidence I never realised I’d lost.”

Jodie - Stourbridge

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Want to know more about Body Transformation Programme?

Book in for a FREE No Obligation Consultation with Kate and her team to find how Body Transformation Programme can help you.

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