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3D Skinmed

Are you worried about looking older but not keen on the thought of surgery? Our 3D Skinmed non-surgical face lift treatment could help you achieve a tighter, more youthful appearance with just one treatment.

Ageing can cause particular concern around the jawline or jowls, the neck and brow area; making us feel older than our years. Non-surgical face lifts have become one of the most sought after treatments when looking to combat the signs of ageing.

3D Skinmed uses the latest technology called HIFU. This stand for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The technology is FDA cleared for lifting and tightening the face, neck and brow. 3D Skinmed harnesses the power of Ultrasound to recondition and renew the skin from within.

The results of this targeted treatment could help to lift and tighten the face and neck to achieve a more youthful appearance.

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What Makes HIFU Different to Other Treatments?

Using high intensity focused ultrasound; 3D Skinmed targets specific layers of the skin, pinpointing the dermal layer at 3 different depths including the deep foundational layer called the SMAS. The SMAS is a strong, thin layer of supportive connective tissue. During a surgical face lift, the surgeon manipulates this tissue to physically lift and tighten the skin. Uniquely, HIFU is the only technology that can tighten this layer without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

Non-surgical face lift treatments such as Thermage, Laser and IPL heat up the dermal layers of the skin affecting the surface temperature which can be uncomfortable or painful and are not able to affect the deeper SMAS layer. Micro-current treatments such as Caci only tone the facial muscles rather than affecting the deeper structures of the skin.

What Areas Can be Treated with 3D Skinmed?

3D Skinmed is effective for lifting and tightening loose or sagging skin by reconditioning the skin from within. Areas that can be treated are:

  • The jawline and jowls
  • The lower face
  • The neck
  • The brow
  • The eye area
  • Décolletage

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and are based on factors such as age, lifestyle habits and medical history.

3D Skinmed - before and afters

A picture speaks a thousand words. At The Body Clinic your goal is our goal. That’s why we believe our customers see great results and come back time and time again.

Results may vary from person to person*

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Why Choose The Body Clinic?

The Body Clinic is a Multi-Award Winning clinic based in the heart of the Midlands.

We help clients, just like you, be the best version of yourself without the need for cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures.

Our highly qualified team is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service.

We aim to set the gold standard in non-surgical solutions by providing the safest, most effective, clinically proven cosmetic treatments.

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What our customers say

My HIFU treatment was a wonderful experience with amazing results.

The improvement in my skin was a gradual process over 2-3 months, each month I could notice my skin getting firmer, tighter and smoother. I would definitely recommend the HIFU treatment for anyone who wants the same results as surgery, without going under the knife.

I will be returning to The Body Clinic later this year to have more of this amazing treatment. I also must mention the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the girls at the clinic.*

Maggie - Derby

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3D Skinmed FAQS

What is 3D Skinmed?
3D Skinmed is non-surgical, advanced cosmetic treatment used for facial lifting and tightening. The treatment uses high intensity focused ultrasound to target and heat up the deep structural layers of the skin. This can help to lift and tighten the face, neck and décolletage.
What happens during the treatment?
During the 3D Skinmed treatment your therapist uses a handset that delivers ultrasound energy into the skin. The energy bypasses the surface of the skin and heat builds deep into the tissues. The pin points of heat, stimulates your body to regenerate and grow collagen in the treated area.
Does 3D Skinmed hurt?
Whilst most clients tolerate 3D Skinmed perfectly well, a small handful of clients may find the treatment to be uncomfortable. The treatment can be more intense in certain areas particularly around the jawline and brow. We can adjust the power to suit your needs. We would recommend being well hydrated for 48 hours prior to the treatment.
How long does the treatment take?
Treatment times depend on which are you have treated. A 3D Skinmed face and neck treatment takes approximately 1 hour 20 mins.
When will I see results?
The results of 3D Skinmed appear gradually over the coming weeks and months following your treatment. We invite you back at 12 weeks to review your results.
How many treatments will I need?
For best results we recommend between 1 - 3 treatments spaced throughout the year.
How long do the results last for?
3D Skinmed is a powerful treatment to help stimulate collagen and slow the ageing process. Results following your treatments should last approximately 12 months.

Price list for treatment



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  • Face, Neck and Decolletage




  • Face and Neck




  • Face




  • Lower Face and Neck




  • Lower Face




  • Neck




  • Decolletage




  • Upper Face and Eyes




Want to know more about 3D Skinmed?

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