Check out our Top 3 Pre-Holiday Treatments to do before your holiday!

The Body Clinic

Say goodbye to wobbly bits and dull skin and say hello to a dazzling, toned physique ready for your summer holiday.

At the body clinic, we understand how important is it to feel gorgeous and confident before pulling on your bikini.

Designed to achieve fantastic results in time for your well-deserved vacation we have picked out our 3 top treatments, perfect for creating that iconic beach body.

Fat Freezing

We all want to look great in our holiday clothes & bikinis, and while dieting and exercise can help, The Body Clinic can help you go one step further.

Also known as CoolSculpting, fat freezing is a completely non-invasive, safe and effective treatment that could help reduce stubborn pockets of fat.

The treatments are pain free, with no recovery time and most sessions only take one or two hours. This is a quick and simple approach to achieving a slimmer figure. With this ground-breaking treatment, you can target your insecurities from your inner thighs and stomach to your upper arms and even a double chin.

Best results become are achieved around 8 weeks, so it needs penciling your diary as part of your holiday countdown.

Find more information and see our fat freezing before and after photos: Click here 

Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Many a celebrity has been caught bearing the dreaded ‘orange peel’ affect while on summer hols, since weight and age have no impact on cellulite. With The Body Clinic’s highly effective anti-cellulite treatment, you can enjoy your time on the beach with beautifully toned legs.

Using a combination of the latest technologies, including the Exilis Elite and Shockwave Therapy, dramatic results can be achieved without any pain or required recovery time. This means you can pop in for a session and return to your daily activities as soon as you like – perfect for busy bodies!

As always at The Body Clinic, this is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. Clinically proven to help smooth and tighten the skin, let your beach walk be fearless!

We’re the only clinic outside London offering this Award Winning treatment!

Find more information and to see our cellulite results: Click here

3D Skintech Advanced Facials

Of course, once you have the perfect body, you need to look after your beautiful face. The ideal summer complexion is that which competes with the sun; smiling and radiant.

The Body Clinic offers a fantastic multi-step, advanced facial treatment that will leave your skin silky smooth and glowing, as well as boosting your skin health.

Or if you are looking to tackle specific skin concerns, we can carefully develop a treatment programme to address your skins needs.

Anything from premature ageing, acne to an uneven skin tone, our highly effective treatments can rejuvenate any skin type in need of a little TLC.

Not only can these facials bless you with a healthy glow, they are pain free and make a rather relaxing experience.

The process involves your therapist applying technologies and products to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin cells, extract blogged pores and refresh and revive your complexion.

This is an absolute must to ensure gorgeous holiday selfies!

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TOP HOLIDAY TIP: Remember to wear SPF 30+ every day!