I’ve been going to The Body Clinic to treat my acne and acne scars and I wanted to say how the help and advice I have been given has been great.

My doctor suggested I take antibiotics but I didn’t want to and I wasn’t keen on using the creams that he prescribed either. I did some research and found The Body Clinic.

My consultation was really in-depth. We talked about my skincare routine, what makeup products I was using. As a makeup artist and YouTuber, I’m always doing video tutorials of different makeup looks. We also talked about my diet. I didn’t realise that some foods can cause acne.

My treatment plan started off with ProFacial treatments and skincare, these really helped to get my skin under control. I then moved on to Chemical Skin Peels which would continue to treat my acne and also help treat my acne scars.

My skin looks and feels amazing after just 2 Chemical Peels! I can already see an improvement in the acne scars, I’m so happy.

Holly - Worcester