I feel happier about my body now, than in the last 10 years!


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An Interview with Sarah

TBC: Sarah, what was your goal when you started?

Sarah: I really wanted to feel better about myself. I often joke that I have been dieting for 25 years but on and off my weight has taken over my whole life. I had a holiday coming up and the thought of covering up (as always) made me feel miserable. I had four weeks to go to my holiday and thought that even half a stone loss would be something and probably only what I would end up putting on while I was away.

TBC: How did you end up being overweight?

Sarah: I have always struggled with my weight but this got worse when I had my first little boy. I almost got back to my pre-pregnancy weight after having him and then found I was expecting my second son.

TBC: Why did you choose The Body Clinic?

Sarah: Kate had been recommended to me and I liked the idea that the weight loss programmes were different and something I hadn’t tried before. I also liked the personalised, one to one nature of being able to work with Kate who was focused on me and not a room full of other people. It also seemed very flexible too and easy to fit round my busy life.

TBC: How did you find your first meeting with us?

Sarah: I was really nervous but was instantly put at ease. Kate explained everything really clearly and I felt that I could get in touch at any time throughout the week if I needed to. Kate was friendly and as the meetings have gone on our get togethers have been fun.

TBC: How did you find your first week?

Sarah:The first week was easier than I expected. I had read other people’s stories on the internet and was expecting to be starving and have headaches but it was surprisingly easy. I was rewarded and delighted with a good weight loss to spur me on to the next week. I also drank loads of water which I have done religiously every day since starting; 3 litres of water a day. I am convinced this has played a massive role in helping me lose the weight so easily.*

TBC: How did you feel as your weight loss journey continued?

Sarah: Amazing!! The weight came off steadily with a loss at every weigh in; even following a 2 week holiday in France! Kate was so helpful in coming up with advice, ideas and suggestions to help me through tricky points such as holidays and birthdays etc.*

TBC: How did you feel when you got to goal?

Sarah: Emotional.

TBC: What was your experience like at The Body Clinic?

Sarah: I couldn’t have lost weight without Kate. I have felt so supported throughout my journey. She gave me plenty of advice, support and the occasional bit of tough love which was what I needed. For example, if I said that I had something coming up and felt like I was going to ‘cheat’, she told me I had to want “that” more than losing weight. It was clear and straight talking and it really helped. Never judgemental but really clear that I had choices and I just had to decide what was most important. I have hidden behind lots of excuses in the past. Kate even looked up the menus for me at restaurants I was planning to go to, to help me choose more carefully.

TBC: What has losing weight and achieving your goal meant to you?

Sarah: I have so much confidence and feel so much happier. I never dreamed I would be able to lose the weight that I have; and I feel happier than I have about my body image in the last 10 years.*

TBC: What was your starting dress size and current dress size?

Sarah: I was a size 16 and now I’m a size 10 – although I can’t quite get used to this and keep taking the wrong sizes into the changing room!

*Disclaimer: The results shown on this site are from real clients, however the results are not guaranteed. Results will vary from person to person. Results will be long lasting if clients maintain a health lifestyle and body weight.

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