Nadine’s Amazing 10 stone Weight Loss


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Nadine was always a slim size 12 until after she got married; then life took over and
the weight started to creep on. Over the next few years she had 3 children. With each pregnancy her weight increased and before she knew she was buying clothes in the size 20’s.

At 36yrs she had a hysterectomy; everyone told her she would put weight on after having the operation so that’s exactly what happened. She soon ballooned to a size 28.

One afternoon, she was carrying the ironing upstairs and couldn’t catch her breath. Nadine thought she was having a heart attack. She suddenly realised she was severely overweight. It was at that point she realised she had to lose weight.

She struggled for the next two years to lose weight; losing and regaining the same few stone. After talking to a friend she contacted The Body Clinic. After a consultation with Kate the next day, she swapped her usual diet for porridge for breakfast, soup for dinner, a shake for her snack, then fish or chicken salad or veg for tea.

Instantly, the weight started falling off. In the first week she lost 7lb and within a month she’d lost more than a stone.
Before I knew it, I was dropping a dress size a month,” says Nadine. “I could see my body changing. My legs were getting thinner, my face was changing, my arms were slimming.

With Kate’s advice she started exercising. Walking at first, but with drive and dedication she was soon running 3 miles a day and feeling younger and fitter than ever before.

Within 14 months, she’d lost 10 stone – taking her to a svelte 12st 7lb.

Nadine says

With Kate’s support I have lost 10 stone and gone from a size 28 to a size 12, it’s completely changed my life. I have never felt better or more alive than I do today. Kate has been an amazing mentor and friend throughout my weight loss journey.

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