Esther reaches her weight loss goal; ready to rock her 40th Birthday


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With her 40th birthday looming, Esther was feeling really uncomfortable in her clothes and was fed up trying to lose weight at just 1lb or ½ lb a week. She wanted to look amazing for her 40th and was desperate to lose two stone and regain her body confidence.

As with many of our clients, Esther had got in to bad eating habits, snacking on crisps and chocolate, making poor food choices at meal times and drinking too much wine. A busy life caring for her daughter, along with looking after the rest of the family meant that caring for herself had gone out the window.

The crunch came on her summer holiday with her family in Wales. Esther realised she only had 3 months until her 40th birthday and knew at that point something had to change.
She wanted to look and feel amazing as she entered her 40’s.

Having tried many other diets Esther wanted a programme that would achieve her goals quickly whilst being super convenient, to fit in with her hectic life. The weight loss programmes offered at The Body Clinic ticked all these boxes.

After her initial call to us we arranged a consultation where we advised her on the most suitable weight loss programme and made a plan to ensure she hit her targets.

Esther says, “When I first met Kate at The Body Clinic, she put me at ease immediately; she really took time to explain everything in detail, not only about the weight loss programmes but also about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We hit it off straight away and I knew this was the right programme for me.

Each week Esther could see her weight reducing and her body changing; this kept her motivation high and before long she was receiving compliments from her friends and
family on how well she looked.

Esther followed a programme that combined meal replacements with regular food. Her programme allowed her to replace her breakfast and lunch with a meal replacement, have a healthy evening meal with her family, as well has having an extra product as a snack. She found the first few days quite challenging as her body moved into ketosis but after the 3rd day she felt great, full of energy, not hungry and felt in control of her eating.

As the weight continued to fall Ester felt “brilliant”. She says “I could see the weight coming off and I started to feel more confident in myself. I hit my goal weight a couple of weeks before my birthday; I felt amazing, such a sense of achievement; and I kept getting loads of compliments from my friends.”

Esther says,

The Body Clinic has helped me to get me old self back. Kate has been so helpful along my journey; always there to offer me help, support and advice. I’m finally happy with my body and feel a million times better than I have for years. I can’t believe that in just a few months I was back in my size 10’s.This is definitely where I’m going to stay.

*Disclaimer: The results shown on this site are from real clients, however the results are not guaranteed. Results will vary from person to person. Results will be long lasting if clients maintain a health lifestyle and body weight.

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