Skin mapping, whats causing your breakouts

Are you one of the millions of people in the UK that suffer with Acne or Breakouts? Skin mapping or Face Mapping is a very helpful skin analysis tool we use to discover more about WHY your skin in breaking out.

Do you suffer with break outs and congestion around your forehead and inbetween your eye brows? Or around your mouth and jawline?

Face mapping or skin mapping is based on traditional Chinese medicine and the principle that you skin reflects your internal health. Treating your body both internally and externally works together holistically to have a positive effect on your overall health.

By assessing skin conditions and changes we can discover inner imbalances and that are putting your body under stress. Your face is split into zones with each zone representing a different part of your body. Imbalances and internal stressors can lead to changes in your complexion such as breakouts and acne, dehydration, irritation, redness, broken capillaries and flaking skin.

Check out the different zones and what they mean to your skin.

The Forehead: Digestion and bladder

If you usually break out or feel congested in this area you might have problems with your digestion. If you eat a diet that is high in sugar, the wrong fats and processed foods chances are your skin is telling tales on you.

We recommend looking at you diet and cutting out the unhealthy foods and sugary drinks. Swap this for healthy whole foods, plenty of fresh vegetables and increase your water intake to at least 2 litres a day.

Between The Eyebrows: Liver

If you have a lot of congestion in this area you may need to look at how much alcohol you are drinking. Excess alcohol puts your liver under stress. Try to stick below the recommended guidelines of alcohol units each week.

If you don’t drink too much alcohol then spots in this area could be a sign of lactose intolerance. Try cutting out dairy to see if this improves.

The Cheeks: Sinus and Lungs

Smoking, allergies, sinus problems or chest infections my be showing on your skin as broken capillaries or congestion.

If you are suffering from milia or blocked pores on your cheeks you would be wise to give your makeup brushes a good clean and check your foundation is non-comedogenic. We also recommending wiping your mobile phone with an anti-bacterial wipe once a day.

The Ears: Kidneys

This is the area around and inside your ears. Blackhead in the ears are a common problem if products such as shampoo are not washed off properly. Or if you use a head-set or hands free device as dirt and excess oil become trapped.

If you have skin problems here it could mean that you have a problem with your kidneys, so make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated with lots of water, reduce caffeine and watch your red meat intake.

Eyes: Kidney and Allergies

Milia, fine lines and dark circles are common issues around the eye area. Eye irritation can be down to allergies such as hay fever or pet hair.

Milia can be caused by makeup. Make sure your use makeup that doesn’t clog your pores and ALWAYS remove your makeup every day. Use an eye makeup remover and always double cleanse to get squeaky clean skin.

Dark circles can be hereditary but are also a sign of toxins and lack of sleep. Make sure you get 7 – 8 hours sleep every night, stay well hydrated and reduce the amount of processed foods, caffeine and alcohol you consume.

The Nose and Upper Lip: Heart and Reproduction

This area tends to get the most congested due to excess sebum (oil) production. Remember to regularly clean your makeup brushes and use non-comedogenic makeup.

Broken capillaries around the nostrils can be a sign of poor extraction techniques. Always be careful to extract blackheads carefully to avoid damage.

High colour on the nose can be a sign of high blood pressure so make sure you get a check up with your GP.

Pigmentation along the space between your top lip and nose can be a sign or hormonal imbalance caused by  pregnancy

The Jawline: Hormones

The area around your jawline is often linked to your hormones. This means stress and lifestyle changes, including your hormones (including ovulation) are particularly prone to effecting break outs in this area.

Chin: Reproduction and Small Intestines

If you are experiencing redness or congestion on your chin this may be connected to a diet that has lots of rich, heavy or spicy foods. We recommend changing up your diet. Add in more fruit and veg, reduce dairy and whit carbs. Try and increase your fibre intake to at least 30g of fibre every day.

The Neck: Illness and Stress

Breakouts around the neck area suggest that your body is fighting an illness or stress. It is important to rest and drink lots of fluids. Pigmentation may be causes by sun damage but could also be caused by over use of perfumes and body sprays. Try not to spray perfumes directly on to your skin and make sure you keep this area protected with a good quality high factor sun screen.

Whilst face mapping can help you to gain an understanding as to what could be going on in your body, making changes when your skin is already damaged by acne and other skin problems, can be a tricky process.

We are strong believers that we are what we eat. We always recommend to be as healthy as possible. Stay well hydrated, adopt clean eating habits and a good DAILY skincare routine is paramount to improving your skin heath.

We also recommend regular, monthly Facials with us in the clinic to support your skin. If you have more specific concerns then you should pop in for a skin consultation and discuss other treatment options to treat your concerns.