Will Fat Freezing cause weight loss?

Fat Freezing is a non-surgical treatment which destroys unwanted body fat. The procedure can be used to treat stubborn pockets of fat on the stomach, flanks, back, thighs, chest and a double chin.

Freezing your fat cells could help you improve your body shape and reduce areas that don’t respond to dieting or exercise.

The freezing process causes Apoptosis which is the programmed death of the fat cells. Clinical studies have shown clients could achieve a reduction of up to 40% of the fat cells in the treated area, although this can vary amongst each individual.

Once the fat cells have been destroyed, the dead cells are metabolized by your body via the lymphatic system. Over the coming weeks after your Fat Freezing treatment, the fat cells will then be flushed out during your normal waste process. As this happens the treated area can reduce in size.

Whilst the Fat Freezing can help to shape and sculpt your figure and you might lose inches, you won’t necessarily see any changes to your actual weight.

If weight loss is a goal, combining Fat Freezing treatments with a weight loss programme can achieve outstanding results.



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