Will Fat Freezing affect my fertility?

One of the most popular areas we treat with Fat Freezing is the abdomen. So it’s not unusual that some of our female clients ask us, “will Fat Freezing affect my fertility”?

Fat Freezing is a non-invasive, body sculpting treatment that reduces unwanted body fat. The procedure can be used on stubborn fatty areas. Common areas we treat include the Stomach, Waist, Inner Thighs, Love Handles and the Back.

Fat Freezing is a simple and painless treatment which can result in a visible reduction of fat, helping to improve your problem area. You won’t have any recovery time after the treatment and we would advise that a Fat Freeze (cryolipolysis) is a low-risk procedure.

What does Fat Freezing do?

During a Fat Freeze treatment, a device is placed over your fatty area. This then freezes your fat tissue to around -10°c. This is cold enough to kill some of your fat cells. Over the coming weeks and months after your treatment, you should be able to notice a reduction in the size of the area that has been treated.

It takes around 8-12 weeks to see the best results and we would normally recommend having 3 treatments per body area. These would be spaced at 6-8 week intervals. Which allows your body to effectively process each procedure.

What does Fat Freezing freeze?

When we deliver a Fat Freeze procedure, we are only treating your adipose fat tissue. This is the fat layer under the surface of your skin that you can squeeze or pinch.

Your fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures, in fact, they actually begin to freeze at +4°c. Other body tissues such as blood, muscles and organs freeze at much colder temperatures. This would be colder than -10°c, which is the lowest temperature of a Fat Freeze.

When the cryo applicator is attached to your body, suction draws the fat tissue into the device. The procedure is only targeting the fat layer. It is not physically able to reach your internal organs, so there is no risk of damaging these body parts.

Fat Freezing uses only cold temperatures to destroy fat cells. It is not a type of laser and it does not emit any radiation waves. The treatment is overall considered a very safe procedure.

So a Fat Freeze will not affect your fertility, fallopian tubes or any of your internal organs.


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