What is Fat Freezing and does it work?

Many of our clients who are looking to improve their body shape stumble across the term “Fat Freezing”. But what is Fat Freezing and does it work?

Fat Freezing is also known by the term Cryolipolysis. It is the process of exposing fat cells to freezing temperatures for a specific amount of time. Freezing your fat cells causes some of the cells to die off, and is referred to as ‘Apoptosis’.

The effect that cold temperatures have on fat cells was discovered over a decade ago. Two Harvard University students found that children who regularly ate ice lollies were developing dimples in their cheeks. This lead to them carrying out studies whereby they exposed subcutaneous tissue to freezing temperatures. Their research showed that temperatures between +4°c and -11°c destroyed some of the exposed fat cells, whilst leaving other tissues like skin and muscle completely unharmed.

What happens to your fat cells when you freeze them?

Your fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures. During your Cryolipolysis treatment, your fat cells are chilled using a device that attaches to your fat tissue.

Fat freezing is effective on soft and squeezable fat pockets or tissue. If you can squeeze a couple of inches or more, then we can generally treat and freeze the area. Popular areas include the double chin, stomach, inner thighs, love handles and men’s chests.

During your procedure, suction holds the Cryo applicator onto the fat pocket. The device uses cooling technology which freezes your fat tissue. This causes the fat cells to crystalise and shrink. This permanently damages some of the cells and results in Apoptosis. Apoptosis means “programmed cell death”.

After Apoptosis has occurred, your body sends scavenger cells, called Macrophages, to the treatment site. The Macrophages clear out the dead and dying fat cells. These are then transported through your lymphatic system and are slowly eliminated from your body over the following weeks. It takes around 8-12 weeks for this process to be completed. It is around this time that you may notice a reduction in the size of the area that was treated.

The treatment is relaxing and pain-free plus there is no recovery time needed. So you can carry on with your day as soon as your treatment has finished.

Does Fat Freezing Work?

Fat Freezing has been clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment that can permanently destroy fat cells. Since it’s development, there have been millions of Fat Freezing treatments delivered around the world.

Studies have shown the procedure can reduce the number of fat cells at the treatment site by 20-40%. We would normally recommend that you could achieve around a 30% reduction. However, results vary amongst individuals and results could be affected by your current health and medical status and your lifestyle habits.

To help you achieve the best possible results from your Fat Freeze treatment, we recommend following our aftercare advice. This includes drinking 2.5 litres of water each day, limiting caffeinated drinks to 1-2 per day and keeping alcohol to a minimum. Whilst you don’t have to follow a strict diet or exercise routine, we would advise on eating healthily and being physically active.

We don’t expect you to see any results for the first 5-6 weeks. After this time you may notice the fatty area becoming less noticeable as your body remove the dead fat cells. The best results are normally seen at weeks 8-12.


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