What happens in a Fat Freezing Treatment?

Fat Freezing is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment making it a low-risk procedure. However, if you are considering having a Fat Freezing procedure, it’s a good idea to do some research so you can understand what happens in a Fat Freezing treatment.

Fat Freezing treatments can help to reduce excess body fat. Cryolipolysis is another term for the procedure and it is clinically proven to destroy fat cells. It works best when treating soft, squeezable areas of fat. Popular areas include treating the stomach, love handles, inner thighs, double chin and the back.

Prior to having a Fat Freezing treatment, you should receive an in-depth consultation by a qualified and experienced practitioner. This person should be a medical professional or an experienced aesthetic therapist.

During your consultation, the practitioner should ask you about your health and medical status, your current lifestyle and dietary habits and assess your areas of concern. They should advise you on how the treatment works and what results you should expect. The clinic should inform you of the side effects and risks associated with the procedure and explain the aftercare instructions that you will need to follow. You should have a chance to review some case studies or before and after photos of their clients who have received the same treatment.

You should be able to ask any questions about the procedure, such as what happens in a Fat Freezing treatment. Or you might want to ask questions about the clinic or the practitioner. You should feel confident that you have enough information to make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the treatment. You should also feel comfortable and at ease with the practitioner. At no point should you ever feel under pressure to make a booking.

On The Day of Your Treatment

On the day of your Fat Freezing treatment, it is normal for some people to feel a bit nervous, especially if you are not used to having treatments. If you are having your procedure at The Body Clinic, our practitioner will put you at ease and she will explain what happens in a Fat Freezing treatment.

We recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothes, that you can remove easily. And you might want to bring a book or magazine to read, or music to listen to.

Immediately before your Fat Freezing treatment, we will ask you to complete a health and medical questionnaire, along with a treatment consent form which you will receive a copy of.

We will then make a record of your current weight and take some photos of the area you are having treated. These are for our files only, and will not be shared with anyone else.

Our practitioner will assess the area that you want to reduce and draw some markings on your skin to identify the fat pocket. She will then position you onto the treatment couch and make sure you are comfortable.

During Your Fat Freezing Treatment

Once you are comfortable, your practitioner will apply an antifreeze membrane to the treatment site. This is a white sheet that is covered with an anti-freeze gel which protects your skin from the cryo applicator. When we place this onto your body it feels cold and wet but warms up as soon as it touches your body.

She will then position the cryo applicator over your fat pocket. You will feel a strong suction as the cryo applicator attaches to the fat pocket and draws your fat tissue into the device. This can feel like a strong pulling or tugging sensation and it can sometimes feel a bit pinched or tight.

Over the next 10 minutes, you will feel a cold sensation as your fat tissue is chilled. This can sometimes feel hot or tingly as the body can confuse the cold sensation. After 10 minutes the area will become numb and will stay numb for the duration of the treatment.

Most clients tell us that Fat Freezing treatments are not painful. However, a small number of clients may find some areas, such as the chin, slightly more sensitive at the beginning of the procedure.

During your Fat Freezing treatment At The Body Clinic, you can relax and watch TV, read, use the free WIFI or even enjoy one of our Facial treatments.

The cryo applicator will treat the area for between 30 minutes and 1 hour. This depends on the size of the cryo applicator used for your fat pocket. We can treat two areas simultaneously, for example, we can treat the upper and lower abdomen at the same time. This would take up to 1 hour. It is possible to have multiple areas treated on the same day.

Popular areas that we treat together includes, the upper and lower abdomen and the love handles. This procedure would take up to 2 hours of treatment time.

After your Fat Freezing Treatment

Once your Fat Freeze treatment has finished, we will remove the cryo applicator from the area. You can expect your skin to look red, it will still be numb and there could be some bruising. Your skin will also feel very cold to the touch and it might even feel hard or frozen. This is completely normal.

We will massage the area for a few minutes. This encourages blood flow back to the tissue and helps to break down the frozen fat cells. For some people, this can feel quite sensitive. It is a similar feeling to when you put your hands in warm water after being outside on a very cold day.

Before you leave, your practitioner will remind you of the aftercare requirements that will help you achieve the best results. And she will book an appointment for 8 weeks time. This will either be for your next Fat Freezing treatment or for a review to assess your progress.

Your skin will remain numb for sometime after the Fat Freezing procedure. This could last anywhere between a few hours and a couple of weeks. Any bruising will subside over the coming days and the skin might feel cool for 24 hours. But there is no recovery time after your Fat Freezing treatment, so you can carry on with your day as normal.


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