When targeting Fat Reduction with the Exilis Elite, clients will require a course of 6-8 treatments to see the best results. The combination of Radio Frequency and Ultrasound works deeply and can target from 1cm – 4cm into the fat layer. Treatments should be received between 7 – 14 days apart. This allows your body to recover and respond to the stimulus of the Radio Frequency and Ultrasound energies. Depending on your shape and size the treatment will be tailored to target body fat where you least want it.

Studies have shown up to 60% reduction in fat could be achieved following the course of Exilis Elite treatments. Based on your body size and your goals that you would like to achieve with your appearance, you may require more than one course of treatment. Once your course has been completed, results can continue to improve for up to 8 weeks as your body continues to respond to the treatments. Once your course of treatments is complete and/or you have achieved your desired results we advise coming to have a top-up treatment once every 3-4 months to keep the treated area looking great. However, as long as you maintain your body weight, maintenance treatments for fat reduction should not be necessary.



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