How often will I need a Fat Freeze treatment?

Fat Freezing or Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical procedure that is used to target unwanted body fat. It is the UK’s favourite body shaping treatment and since 2015 we have delivered thousands of Fat Freezing procedures. If you are considering a having a Fat Freezing treatment then you might be wondering “How often will I need a Fat Freeze treatment?”.

At The Body Clinic, we would normally recommend having 3 Fat Freezing treatments per body area to achieve the best results. However, we would assess you during a consultation and advise you on how many treatments we would recommend.

Assessing you for a Fat Freezing treatment

If we assess you for a Fat Freezing treatment, there are a couple of factors that we need to consider before advising you on how many Fat Freezes you might need. These are:

  • Your current weight/dress size
  • The size of your fatty area
  • Your treatment goals
  • Your timeframe

During your consultation, we will consider your current weight, dress size and the size of the fat pocket you want to reduce. A larger frame or fat pocket will naturally require more Fat Freeze treatments than a smaller frame or smaller fat pocket.

If you are heavier than your ideal weight, we might recommend combining body sculpting treatments such as Ultrasound Cavitation and the Exilis Elite with Fat Freezing. Or for a more dramatic result, we can offer the Body Transformation Programme which combines body sculpting treatments along with our Weight Loss plan.

Fat Freezing is not a treatment for overweight or obesity. We recommend you are within 3 stone (19kg) of your ideal weight before having a Cryolipolysis treatment. If you are overweight then it would be advantageous to lose weight before having a Fat Freeze procedure. We are able to offer you a Weight Loss programme to help you lose weight if you need support.

If you have a smaller frame, we will assess the body area to make sure there is enough body fat to treat. A smaller fat pocket will normally require fewer Fat Freezing treatments.

We would also take into consideration your overall treatment goals and advise you on setting realistic expectations.

If you need to achieve results within a certain timeframe, we will advise you on which treatments can help you hit your deadline.

How long does it take to see results from a Fat Freeze?

It takes around 8-12 weeks to see the full results after a Fat Freeze.

During a Fat Freezing treatment, some of your fat cells will be destroyed following their exposure to cold temperature. Over the coming weeks after your procedure, the dead fat cells are transported through your lymphatic system. They are metabolised by your liver and then flushed out of your body via your waste system. This process takes around 8-12 weeks.

For this reason, we recommend treatments are spaced at 6-8 week intervals. This gives your body time to process the first treatment. And it allows us to assess your results before performing additional treatments.

Once you have obtained your desired results you shouldn’t need further Fat Freeze treatments. To achieve long-lasting results you should maintain your weight and follow a healthy lifestyle.

If you do gain weight, you should expect to put weight on all over your body. This could include the area you have treated and this will affect your long term results.


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