With a few different body contouring treatments available, we get asked what the difference is between treatments. In this post we compare Fat Freezing versus Exilis Elite.

Fat Freezing is controlled freezing of fat cells to cause natural destruction, using freezing temperatures to help shrink and eliminate the fat cells.

Whereas Elixis Elite Fat Reduction is a heat treatment that uses powerful energies of High-Intensity Ultrasound and Radio Frequency to target specific depths beneath the surface.

Fat freezing is great for fatty, stubborn areas on the body such as the tummy, love handles, inner thighs, back and double chin.

A Fat Freeze is normally a course of 3 sessions over 4-5 months, results can normally be seen after one session with optimum results after 3.  Studies have shown that a possible 20-40% of fat cells can be destroyed with the procedure.

Fat freezing is clinically proven to treat adipose tissue (fat).

It is a painless treatment, there is no recovery time and non-invasive.

Exilis Elite is can be used to reduce fat in most places of the body and can target the fat layer up to 4cm. We recommend a course of 6- 8 weekly treatment spaced 7-14 day apart.

Unlike Fat Freezing, the Exilis Elite can ALSO tighten the skin and treat cellulite.

so can treat more concerns than the Fat Freeze alone.

With many treatment plans, we actually combine both Fat Freezing with Exilis Elite.


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