At The Body Clinic, we offer a range of award-winning and clinically proven Body Sculpting/Fat reduction treatments. We hand-selected our gold standard, medical-grade devices to ensure we deliver the best treatments to our clients; helping them achieve the best possible results through super safe treatments.

Fat Freezing is great for treating stubborn pockets of soft, squeezable fat tissue such as the inner thighs or stubborn love handles.

Ultrasound Cavitation is amazing at treating harder more fibrous fat tissue like a larger, firmer stomach or the outer thighs.

When deciding which treatment would be best suited to you, we would always recommend a consultation; so one of our expert practitioners can assess and advise which treatment is going to help you achieve your desired results. In many cases, we combine our treatments, making bespoke treatment packages to suit you; helping you achieve the best results.

So instead of picking one or the other, you can combine Fat Freezing and Ultrasound Cavitation.



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