The Exilis Elite treatments are non-invasive and pain-free. The average person will enjoy the feeling of the Exilis. It can be likened to the feeling of hot stone massage and can feel extremely soothing on the muscles near the treatment area.

The treatment feels warm and relaxing and the applicator glides over the skin with ease as mineral oil is applied to the skin to stop the applicator from dragging and causing irritation. Both the skin and fat are warmed to above 40 degrees during the treatment, however, the applicator is in constant motion to avoid heat building too much in an area and causing discomfort.

Levels of comfort will vary from person to person with regards to the heat. If you feel the device is too hot for your comfort, the practitioner administering the treatment is able to control the heat and monitor the temperature of your skin throughout the treatment to ensure your comfort for the duration of the session.



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