Does Fat Freezing Hurt?

It’s usually the first question people ask when they’re considering treatment – Does Fat Freezing Hurt? Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing is a pain-free non-surgical treatment with zero recovery time.

Unlike liposuction or other painful fat reduction treatments, Cryolipolysis and Fat Freezing treatments are totally non-invasive.

No cutting, slicing, stitching or suctioning required! This means no painful treatments, no scarring and no recovery time needed. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular!

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

In order to know what a Fat Freeze treatment feels like, you first need to understand how the procedure will work.

Cryolipolysis is the technical term for Fat Freezing. A Fat Freezing treatment works by using cold temperatures to literally freeze the fat cells you want to get rid of. Once the cells reach a cold enough temperature they are destroyed, ready for your body to eliminate them naturally through your lymph system (basically your body’s waste removal system).

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What Does A Fat Freeze Treatment Feel Like?

It’s normal to feel a little anxious about having a treatment you’ve never had before, but with Fat Freeze Treatments, you’ve really nothing to worry about.

A Fat Freezing treatment is generally a comfortable and painless experience. The procedure doesn’t require any needles, no scalpels and its totally non-invasive. The feeling you’ll experience most is cold, but don’t worry, this is only in the body area being treated. You might also notice some tingling with some numbness as the treatment progresses.

So Does It Hurt At All?

You might be thinking this sounds too good to be true? I can destroy my fat cells without any invasive treatments AND it’s pain-free? Yep, pretty much. But does Fat Freezing hurt at all?

When the Fat Freezing device is applied to your body, you will feel a strong vacuum pressure as the Fat Freeze applicator draws your fat tissue into the device. This may feel a little bit tight, pinchy and tingly to start with. It’s not painful, more like a mild pinching sensation. Then you will notice the area starts to feel cold as the temperature starts to drop and the treatment gets to work. After about 10 minutes the tissue that is collected into the cryo applicator actually goes numb and any pinching feeling you did experience, subsides. That’s as a bad as it gets.

During your Fat Freezing treatment, you will be able to relax, watch TV, read a book or surf the net. It’s actually the ultimate “chill” time. I would say that 98% of our clients find this process painless.

When the cryolipolysis cycle has finished, the device is removed from your body. You will notice that the skin is freezing cold, it might even feel frozen and firm to touch and it will also be numb.

We immediately treat the area with Shockwave Therapy to breakdown the frozen fat tissue and kickstart the recovery process. This might feel a bit sore or tender as the Shockwave gets to work, but it’s only for a couple of minutes and nothing to worry about.

What About Pain Relief?

One of the really great things about Fat Freeze treatments is that they are usually very comfortable and pain-free, there is no need for pain relief or other drugs.

The cold temperature of the treatment actually numbs the area that’s being treated, so you don’t experience any pain or significant discomfort.

Does Cryolipolysis Hurt On Some Areas More Than Others?

We all know that some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, you’ve only got to compare an eyebrow wax to a bikini wax to figure that out!

But with Fat Freezing that isn’t really the case. Again, because of the cryolipolysis process and the numbing effect that occurs, most people find the procedure very comfortable regardless of the area that’s being treated.

If we had to choose one area out of all the areas we freeze, we would probably say the chin is a bit more sensitive to treat than other body areas. This is only because the chin is a little bit more delicate than other body areas and also the cryo applicator is quite heavy and rests on your chest during the procedure, so this can be slightly more uncomfortable.

Does Fat Freezing Hurt After The Treatment?

This is a great question. Once the numbness starts to wear off you may notice some redness and in some cases, you might have some visible bruising.

Occasionally after a Fat Freeze treatment, some client’s say they felt a little bit of tenderness or soreness. This is more likely if you have got some bruising. There could be some mild swelling in or around the treated area and the skin might still be numb. But overall you shouldn’t experience any pain.

So, I hope that answers the question of “Does Fat Freezing hurt?” You might be interested to find out if “Fat Freezing is dangerous?” You can read all about that here…

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, effective and pain-free fat reduction treatment then Fat Freezing is probably for you. If you’d like to learn more then check out our Knowledge Base for more Fat Freeze questions and answers, or give us a call on 01562 265001


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