Can you freeze fat at home?

You may have seen adverts on FaceBook or Google advertising machines or devices so that you can freeze your fat at home. So, yes, whilst you can purchase a home freezing device, our advice would be to steer clear, for the following reasons.

In our experience, most of these cheap DIY home freezing machines are bulk imported from countries like China or India. Whilst the country of origin is not a problem, as lots of amazing products come from China and India, it is highly likely that the cheap machines or freezing belts will be ineffective and not achieve results; or they might not meet any safety regulations and could be dangerous or cause injury if used incorrectly.

Fat freezing or Cryolipolysis, is a non-surgical treatment that can target and reduce stubborn pockets of body fat. It is an aesthetic procedure that should be carried out by a highly trained and experienced Aesthetic Therapist, Nurse or a Doctor. If a procedure is carried out by an unqualified or untrained person, there could be potential to cause harm.

Before any aesthetic treatment, a full health assessment and medical questionnaire should be carried out with each client to ensure they are suitable to have a fat freezing treatment. A professional Aesthetic Clinic will always ensure that a client is safe and suitable to receive any treatment.

There are some medical conditions where Fat Freezing is contraindicated, meaning that it may be dangerous for you to have a procedure if you have a medical condition such as Heart Disease or if you’ve had a Stroke. Or the treatment may be ineffective due to an underlying medical condition.

Prior to receiving a fat freezing treatment, it is important that the body area is assessed to ensure that it is suitable for the procedure. Treating the wrong type of fat will affect the success of the treatment, and treating an area that does not have enough fat could result in an unsightly indentation.

If you do purchase a home freezing machine of a fat freezing belt, it is vital that the device is set correctly and that there is a physical barrier between your skin and the fat freezing machine. If the wrong settings are selected or if a barrier is not applied this could lead to a serious injury such as a freeze burn. This is a contact burn that would be very sore and could leave a permanent scar.

We appreciate that buying a freezing machine to use at home is a cheaper alternative than visiting an aesthetic clinic, however, for your safety, we would strongly advise against this.




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