Can Fat Freezing get rid of cellulite?

A staggering 85% of women are troubled by cellulite. It can affect the fronts and backs of thighs, the buttocks, abdomen and even the upper arms. Many clients ask us “can Fat Freezing get rid of cellulite”? If cellulite is a concern for you then, unfortunately, Fat freezing is not the best treatment to help you get rid of the orange peel appearance.

Fat Freezing is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that can reduce unwanted areas or pockets of fat on your body.

By applying cold temperatures to fatty areas, this causes some of your fat cells to die off. In the coming weeks after the treatment, your body flushes the dead fat cells through your lymphatic system and they are eliminated from your body. This process takes around 8-12 weeks, with results seen around this time. Clinical studies have shown a fat freezing procedure could achieve a reduction of around 20% – 40% of the fat cells in the treated area. But results can vary amongst individual clients.

Fat Freezing is effective at treating soft, squeezable pockets of body fat. Popular treatment areas include the stomach, back, double chin, inner thighs and upper arms.

Unfortunately, Fat Freezing procedures are not suitable for treating cellulite. There is no clinical evidence to show that Fat Freezing reduces cellulite. We would definitely not recommend you try Fat Freezing to treat cellulite as this would be a waste of money and you will not get any results.

Cellulite is a skin condition that causes the surface of your skin to become lumpy or dimpled. This appearance is caused by enlarged fat cells, rigid connective tissue (septae), loss of collagen; and trapped fluid, waste and toxins.

The development of cellulite can be made worse by poor diet choices and an unhealthy lifestyle like smoking. And it can also get worse as you get older. For some women, cellulite runs in the family, with their mothers and sisters also having problems with dimply skin.

When treating cellulite we recommend choosing a procedure that can target each of the above physical factors.

Effective Treatments for Cellulite

There are a small number of non-invasive and non-surgical treatments that are clinically proven and FDA approved to improve the appearance of cellulite. These devices typically use Radio Frequency energy and or Acoustic Wave.

These energies disrupt the fat cells, stimulate the production of collagen, remove waste and toxins and increase flexibility in the connective tissue. Popular treatments include Exilis Elite, X Wave and Velashape 3

There are more invasive procedures such as Celfina® or Cellulaze® that can improve cellulite. These treatments are more invasive than Radio Frequency or Acoustic Wave because they require incisions to be made in the skin.

For help with Cellulite Reduction, please see our Cellulite treatment page.


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