How to remove stretch marksIf you’ve been wondering how to remove stretch marks then you’re not alone. More than 70% of people suffer from stretch marks, thanks to hormonal changes, fluctuating weight or pregnancy. And it’s not just women who get stretch marks, men can get them too!

While your skin does have the ability to stretch and reduce back to its original state, poor nutrition, dehydration or just rapid change that your body can’t keep up with can result in our worst nightmare: stretch marks.

Stretch marks, which are areas of skin made up of fibrous tissue which can be pink/red or silvery-white as they age, usually occur when the skin has had to stretch way too fast.

But despite what many people think, you don’t have to have been overweight or pregnant in order to have them!

Many women find they develop stretch marks on their belly, hips, thighs and breast during or after pregnancy. But stretch marks are not just related to pregnancy. Teenagers can develop them if they have a rapid growth spurt, people who have gained and lost weight can develop stretch marks and even bodybuilders can get them if the build muscle too quickly. And sometimes you can get stretch marks for no apparent reason. This can leave you feeling deflated and disappointed that you still aren’t confident in your body.

Whatever the reason for your stretch marks, you don’t have to suffer in silence. While stretch marks will fade a little over time, they won’t disappear all on their own.

But there is a solution…

How To Remove Stretch Marks

There’s no shortage of pills and potions on the market promising to reduce your stretch marks and give you the smooth, flawless skin you desire. But stretch marks are not a surface problem. They reach deep into the lower layers of the skin, making topical creams and gels ineffective.

If you’re looking to properly reduce stretch marks then you need something more powerful. Something that’s clinically proven to work.

Microneedling For Stretch Marks

Microneedling is a skin needling treatment that targets your stretch marks directly by needling the skin, breaking down the fibrous tissue and stimulating skin regeneration. By also delivering a combination of powerful ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Silicium, Fibroblast Growth Factor, Vitamin C and Amino Acids deep into the skin we can maximise your results. These ingredients help to repair the damaged areas of your skin, rebuilding tissue and reducing the appearance of your stretch marks from the inside out.

But Does It Really Work & How?

In short, yes. It works. Microneedling has been clinically shown to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

But how?

The Microneedling procedure uses tiny needles to make channels in your skin. Although these channels are very minor, it still sends the message to your body that your skin has been “injured”. When your body gets this message it starts to produce new, fresh collagen to repair the “damage”.

Don’t worry! Microneedling isn’t one of those horrendously painful treatments, it’s actually very comfortable.

So why is collagen important for stretch mark repair? Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It provides strength and structure, holding your tissues together and giving that firm, youthful appearance to your skin.

Using Microneedling we can encourage your body to produce new collagen to repair the areas of your skin where stretch marks have developed. Lightning your stretch marks and smoothing out the appearance of them.

What To Expect From A Microneedling Treatment For Stretch Marks

Here at The Body Clinic in Stourbridge, we use a device called Innopen for our Microneedling treatments for stretch marks. This allows us to precisely target the area you want to improve and directly reduce stretch marks.

The treatments are quick, non-invasive and we apply a topical anaesthetic cream to numb the area so you’re comfortable throughout.

What Happens During The Treatment

During the treatment, firstly we cleanse and sterilise your skin and apply the anaesthetic cream which will numb your skin. Once this has taken effect we apply the special serum to your skin and then gently move the Microneedling pen over the entire area of your stretch marks in a slow stamping action.

As we move the Microneedling pen over your stretch marks, the pen makes hundreds of tiny channels in your skin. This stimulates a healing response from your body and initiates the rapid production of collagen that will help to heal your stretch marks, making them less visible.

The tiny channels also allow the serum to penetrate into your skin, where the active ingredients can get to work, helping to enhance the procedure.

The treatment time is quick, on average taking just 45-60 minutes. We normally recommend that around 6 treatments will be required to achieve the best results and treatments should be spaced at 4-week intervals.

What Happens After The Treatment

Thanks to the non-invasive nature of this skin needling treatment there is minimal recovery time needed and you can get back to work or continue with your usual routine right away, although we do recommend giving things like the gym or sauna a miss for a few days after your treatment.

You can expect the area to be slightly red and this will feel quite warm too for around 24 hours but it shouldn’t be painful.

You will need to apply a special serum called Strimatrix for the duration of your treatment course in order to get the best results. This serum helps to improve skin hydration, increase elasticity and firmness, and improve the appearance of stretch marks. It’s also very important to use a total sunblock SPF 50 and keep the treated area out of the sun. Here at The Body Clinic, we recommend Heliocare Invisible Spray.

Is Microneedling The Right Stretch Mark Treatment For You?

As with all treatments you’ll need to have a consultation with an experienced Practitioner who will advise you on Microneedling treatments and how to remove stretch marks. Usually, this skin needling treatment is well tolerated for most people, making it a highly popular and effective solution to your stretch marks.

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