How to loose belly fat without dieting?

Are you stuck with stubborn belly fat and don’t know what to do? WELL let us show you how to loose belly fat without dieting!

Obviously we all know the best way to loose weight is to eat healthy and cut out the chocolate, wine and to stay active. For a lot of people belly fat is VERY stubborn and almost impossible to shift alone, even though all you eat is lettuce and do 100 sit ups per day… sound familiar? Well, this is where we can help!

Our Aesthetic treatment the Exilis Elite, X-wave and Fat Freezing  are clinically proven to eliminate fat cells AND improve the texture and the tone of the skin with skin tightening!! Exciting right?

Fat Freezing is PERFECT for treating soft, squeezable pockets of fat tissue often found on he stomach area (we can also treat other parts of the body with Fat Freezing). Fat Freezing destroys the fat cells in the  treated area and over the coming weeks your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells from your body, helping to reveal a slimmer more sculpted figure.

The Exilis Elite covers a larger area than Fat Freezing alone, combining to two offer the “DOUBLE WHAMMY” effect. By combining the two treatments we are able to eliminate more fat cells and covers a larger area, not to mention the Exilis Elite also tightens the skin and reduces the dimpling effect of Cellulite!

Improving the texture and tone of the skin whiles’t shrinking the area at the same time! #mindblown

The Exilis Elite is also A M A Z I N G at contouring hard to reach places such as legs, knees, arms, calves and even the *whispers* Vagina.

The X-Wave is Clinically proven to help enhance and support the effects of all our body sculpting and contouring treatments. Its Non-invasive, quick, and can target and rejuvenate skin and soft tissues.

Whilst all of these treatments are highly effective as stand-alone treatments TOGETHER they can achieve OPTIMUM results!!

Each treatment is award winning, Clinically proven and FDA approved. All these treatments are pain free, completely non-invasive with NO DOWN TIME!! BONUS!!

For more information give us a call, or book in for a FREE consultation on how you can loose belly fat.