Tackle the signs of ageing with our Non surgical face lifts

Do you ever look in the mirror and see changes to your skin which fill you with dread? Concerns such as hooded eyes, heavy jowls or lines and wrinkles can make you appear older than your years? A frequent question we receive from our clients is how to tackle the signs of ageing.

At The Body Clinic we offer a wide range of Non-Surgical Face Lift treatments to help slow the ageing process and improve your skin. All of our treatments are clinically proven. And can help to lift and tighten loose skin, reduce lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture!! Helping you to look and feel more youthful and confident without surgery or injectables, BONUS!!

Here’s a little fact for you… Did you know that from the age of just 25 collagen starts to break down by up to 1.5%!? “scary right”

Also, did you know that damage from the sun and the invisible UVA and UVB rays are largely responsible for ageing your skin?

So its know wonder that by the time you hit your 40’s everything is heading south!

With the risks, cost and recovery time associated with surgery, more and more people are opting for the Non-Surgical route. Even celebrities like J Lo, Madonna, and JENIFER ANISTON (how amazing do they look) shy away from the risks of surgery!! Celebrities regularly opt for Non-Surgical treatments such as The Exilis Elite, HIFU, Fat Freezing and Plasma BT to retain there youthful, natural looking appearance.

We always recommend arranging a consultation with one of our Experienced Practitioners, this will allow us to assess the area of concern and create a bespoke treatment programme.

Depending on your skin concerns, your treatment programme may include one type of treatment or a combination of several treatments and technologies that work really well together to help you look and feel younger and fresher.

If you would like any further information regarding ANY of our Non-Surgical Face lift Treatments give us a call or book in for a free consultation.