How to beat your cravings

Do you constantly give in to junk food cravings? Do you wonder why unhealthy food is so addictive? Well, there is actually a reason for this and it’s not a conspiracy theory. Read on to find out how to beat your cravings.

Food and Drink manufacturing in the UK is a Multi £Billion industry, this sector is larger than the automotive and aerospace industries combined.

Food companies are very clever at developing food products that are addictive. These foods manipulate our brains by containing the perfect ratio of sugar, fat, salt and flavourings. But why are these addictive?

Foods that contain high amounts of sugar and fat have a powerful effect on the reward centres in our brain. Releasing huge amounts of Dopamine into our systems. When this is stimulated it makes us crave more and more of the food. This often causes us to lose control over how much we eat. This is very similar to the effect that drugs, cigarettes and alcohol have on our brains.

This is how junk food changes our brain chemistry to make you want to eat more and more of these types of food. How thee the food industry gets away get away with it, we don’t know!

Break the Junk Food Addiction

We know that cutting out junk food isn’t easy, but once you break the habit your body, mind and skin will thank you for it. It takes 28 days to change your palate and much the same to break a habit.

Starting is always the hardest bit of making any dietary changes. The first few days or weeks may be a little challenging as your body withdraws from the addiction, but once you get past that its all plane sailing. You just need to stick with it!

Here are just a few reasons to help you cut the junk food once and for all..

  • Junk food is VERY high in calories
  • Junk food is full of salt, sugar and fat
  • Junk food is highly processed
  • Junk food has very few nutrients
  • Junk food will STOP you reaching your weight loss goals
  • Junk food is BAD for your skin

We have put together a few tips to help you cut the junk for good!!

Step 1: Throw away unhealthy food, out of site out of mind.

This is a really simple but helpful tip, if you don’t have it in the house you cant be tempted to eat it. Chuck it in the bin, or give it away. Just get it out the house as quick as possible.

Step 2: Buy healthy snacks

Replace your junk food snacks with healthy alternatives.  So next time you are at the supermarket and stock up on delicious, nutritional foods such as nuts, seeds, raw veg and humous, no added sugar peanut butter, berries and natural yoghurt. These super foods are super convenient, full of nutrients and will keep you fuller for longer. Way better then unhealthy, sugary snacks.


When the cravings creep up on you ask yourself this question. Am I really hungry?

Chances are you’re bored, tired or fed up. It’s all too easy to reach for the sweetie tin when we feel like this. Our top tip for avoiding this danger zone is to step away from temptation. Move away from the kitchen. Go and do something to take your mind off things. Call a friend, go for a walk, go on Facebook. Just do ANYTHING to stop you giving into temptation.

If you are actually hungry grab one of your pre made healthy snacks from step 2 and try drinking a pint of water, sometimes your body confuses hunger with thirst.

Step 4: Stick with it

The first few days of eating healthy are always the hardest. But it will start to get easier. Our taste buds adapt to what we eat, so if your eating unhealthy food, thats what your taste buds crave. But if you change to a diet filled with fresh nutritious food then your taste buds will forget about the unhealthy stuff.  So stick with it, take every day as it comes and you will be free of unhealthy foods in no time.