how to avoid christmas weight gain

The festive season is upon us and the parties are in full swing. Its no wonder that we tend to put weight on over the Christmas period when we are surrounded by high calorie foods and drinks.

Temptations are EVERYWHERE, things like mulled wine, Prosecco, mince pies, chocolates, pigs in blankets… the list is endless. Christmas is all about enjoying ourselves and so why shouldn’t we treat ourselves!? You just need to know when to stop…

We have put together a few tips to help you stay motivated and not go to off the rails over the Christmas period.

Don’t Lose Sight of Christmas

Remember Christmas isn’t actually about Food, Booze and presents. It’s about spending time with your nearest and dearest. So try and keep this in mind just before you arrive at the party, this should help you keep more focused instead of heading straight for the nibbles.

Remind yourself of your weight loss goals and what you have achieved so far. Its tough loosing weight but so easy to put it back on. So just have a little think to yourself about all the hard work you have put in the past few months. Remember “A moment on the lips, a life time on the hips.”

Christmas can be a VERY stressful time of year for some with the mixture or families and groups of friends, shopping, rushing around trying to organised everything for the perfect Christmas day. This could cause you to ‘comfort eat’ or ‘comfort drink’. Try and find the courage to tackle problems head on instead of grabbing for that second mince pie or third glass of wine.

Simple but effective party tricks for healthy eating

NEVER go to a party hungry, make sure to have a good lunch or something light to eat before you head out to the party otherwise you will end up hungry and eating all the wrong foods.

Chewing gum, if your chewing gum your less likely to pick at the treats, canapés or over indulges at the buffet table.

Keep your distance from the food table, try and stand the other side of the room so your not tempted to keep going back for more.

Wear a tight fitting outfit, so there isn’t much room for food. Its a reason to get you fave Body-con dress out the wardrobe.

Make Good Choices

Don’t deprive yourself of things you enjoy around the Christmas period. If you do, you are more likely to give in and binge eat at some point, enjoy a mince pie or a slice of Christmas cake but leave it at that, try not to over indulge.

Try and make good choices at meal times avoid things like sauces, nuts and cheese, trimming the calories at meal times means you can afford to have a little treat.

The holidays are full of festive foods we don’t usually see through out the year so when at the buffet table try not to eat things for the sake of it. Treat yourself to the things you love and don’t get to eat very often. Leave all the other stuff, this will help you not to over indulge or over eat.

Over the festive period its obvious that everyone is going to enjoy a drink or two BUT we all seem to forget that Alcohol is very high in calories!! Try save the alcoholic drinks for a special occasions like Christmas day or parties. And when you are having a few drinks why not try having a glass of water or a non alcoholic drink in-between each alcoholic drink…. This should help you not to over load on calories from wine and beer. Alternatively offer to be the designated driver, that way you won’t get peer pressured into drinking by your friends.

Following these simple tips and tricks should help you keep on track with you weight loss journey, its Christmas so we don’t expect you to be good 100% of the time, but limiting calories where you can will help.

Merry Christmas from us all at The Body Clinic ❤️ ?