Getting in shape for your wedding

Beautiful wedding coupleBeing physically active each day, taking regular exercise and lifting weights is the best way to create a toned, lean body ready for your wedding day. But fitting it all in can be a real problem when you are juggling work, life and wedding arrangements. Here’s our guide to help you get in shape for your wedding day.

We should all try to be more active each day for overall health and to increase our calorie burn. Aiming for 10,000 steps per day equates to 5 miles per day. We can do the normal suggestions of parking further away from your destination, taking the stairs, walking to work where possible etc.

Here’s some simple suggestions that can help clock up those extra steps

  1. Get up and walk around whilst you’re on the phone
  2. Try and do 250 steps every hour
  3. Go a walk on your lunch break

We’re a big fan of wearable tech, like activity trackers such as the Fitbit, Jawbone and the Apple Watch. We also really like apps such as My Fitness Pal which is great for tracking your food intake. Fitness trackers can be linked to these apps and makes being healthy and active more fun and motivating.

With the wedding day looming it can be hard to find the time to get to the gym so think about short, sharp, intense workouts that will get your heart rate up, blast a load of calories and keep you metabolic rate elevated post workout.

Do HIIT Workouts for maximum fat burn

Most of us have heard about HIIT workouts. But what are they?

These workouts are super quick and take anything from 20 – 40 minutes to complete. They are generally made up of big movements that work the whole body and multiple muscles. Think, star jumps, press ups, squat jump, burpees and hill climbs. All these types of moves blast calories and burn body fat.

You can catch these super quick classes at the local gym, look out for Metafit or Insanity classes. Or you can buy DVDs or stream them to your Ipad. We really rate all the Insanity series which includes the original Insanity programme, T25 and their latest programme Insanity: 30 Max. Another favourite is Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, we’re a bit in love with him. Follow him on Facebook or You Tube for all his HIIT workouts.

If you genuinely struggle to find 30 minutes to exercise then you might want to take a look at the “7 Minute Workout Challenge” Find it in the App store. Its a great mini exercise programme made up of exercises that work the whole body. You can easily build this into your daily routine. Who hasn’t got 7 minutes a day?! Alternatively you can hop on Facebook, Instagram or You Tube for home based super quick workouts.

3D Lipo treatments to shape and sculpt your body

If you are putting in the hours at the gym, or even if you’re not; if you are struggling to shift stubborn areas of fat such as belly fat, love handles, fat bulges under the bra line then it might be time to consider a helping hand.

At The Body Clinic we offer a range of non-surgical liposuction treatments could help you achieve the results you are looking for. Our 3D Lipo treatments offer a full range of body contouring treatments to help shape and sculpt your body. Treatments include fat freezing, inch loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

These body shaping treatments are perfect for anyone looking to target body fat and refine their shape. We treat women and men of all shapes and sizes; whether you are fit and healthy just trying to trim those stubborn areas or if you are over weight and looking for treatments to help motivate you with your weight loss journey.

Our non-invasive fat reduction treatments offer an alternative to liposuction and include Fat Freezing and Ultrasound Cavitation. They provide a safe, painless and effective way to help shed those unwanted inches.

Our skin tightening treatments use radio frequency to stimulate collagen production. Great for tightening loose skin on the stomach, arms and inner thighs.

And our cellulite reduction treatment has been voted number one cellulite treatment. It uses multiple technologies to break down cellulite and smooth the orange peel effect.

If you would like to discuss how these treatments could help you get in shape for your wedding why not pop in for a free consultation. We will spend time discussing all treatment options, assess your body shape and advise on the best treatment to help you achieve your goals.