Fat Freezing Birmingham

fat_freezing_birminghamTo achieve a toned and firm body many of us take the right steps on a daily basis. We try to eat a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regularly. However, sometimes we have areas or pockets of fat which are stubborn to shift and this is when we seek some expert advice in order to banish these unwanted fatty areas.

The Body Clinic, based in Stourbridge in the West Midlands, offers 3D Lipo Fat Freezing; a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment which is sweeping the nation due to its effective results using safe and painless technology. This treatment is perfect for those with busy and hectic lives and the clinics’ location close to Birmingham provides a convenient way to manage your treatment sessions, locally to you.

Fat Freezing or Cryolipolysis uses “freezing” technology which allows areas of stubborn body fat to be cooled to sub-zero temperatures in order to destroy fat cells and eliminate them from the body, without invasive surgery. There are no needles, no scalpels and no need for anesthetic with this treatment.

Fat Freezing treatments are painless and in fact relaxing, you can even watch TV, read a magazine, check your emails, or surf the web whilst undergoing this treatment. The device is placed over the area to be treated and the skin and fat tissue is gently sucked in to the hand piece. It is there where the fat freezing technology gets to work and in around 45 minutes to an hour you can treat one or two areas of the body such as the tummy, love handles, inner thighs and chest (men only).

The number of treatment sessions you need will depend on your specific body concerns, the size of the fat pocket and your results following your first treatment. We always advise waiting 8 weeks before considering another treatment at which point we invite you back in for a treatment review. The beauty of The Body Clinic is that it is located close to Birmingham and the clinic is open 6 days a week making it easy to fit appointments around your busy lifestyle.

3D Lipo Fat Freezing is popular with celebrities such as Katie Price, Amy Childs and Colleen Rooney. It is fast becoming the go-to procedure to freeze away those unwanted areas of stubborn fat that cannot be lost by diet and exercise alone.

The Body Clinic has the expertise and technology to bring this effective and proven treatment to a Birmingham location that is convenient and welcoming so that you too could help you achieve a slimmer more toned physique without going under the knife. The Body Clinics’ owner, Kate Sykes commands over 20 years’ experience in providing safe, effective and innovative treatments in order for you to look and feel your very best. At The Body Clinic you are in expert and caring hands and we are dedicated to deliver only the safest and most effective technology to bring you satisfaction, every time.

For more information on Fat Freezing and to book a free of charge, no obligation consultation, please contact our team today.