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How to Treat Hooded Eyes and Eye Bags

Is the aging process affecting your eyes?

Do you suffer from hooded eyelids or eye bags, making you constantly look tired?

Or do you find your eye makeup gets trapped in your lines and wrinkles, highlighting them rather than reduce their appearance?

If this is something that’s bothering you, then you will be thrilled to hear about our Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty treatments that can effectively treat the eye area without surgery.

Read on to learn how to treat hooded eyelids and eye bags.

Factors to consider

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The skin around the eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. This tissue is very thin and can be just one-tenth as thick as other areas on your body. This means is it super delicate, can be sensitive and has less natural oil production. This can cause the eye area to age more quickly, damage more easily and be more dehydrated.

Whilst genetics plays a part in how your eyes age, there are lifestyle factors that can increase the appearance of dark circles, eye bags and hooded eyes. These include too much alcohol, too much salt or processed foods, smoking, sun damage, lack of sleep and not drinking enough water.

If you have tired or irritated eyes which you find yourself constantly rubbing and itching; or if you are heavy handed when removing eye makeup, this can damage the delicate skin, causing loss of elasticity and increasing the hooded effect.

The aging process also causes the breakdown or migration of fatty tissue and the weakening of membranes around the eye area. This can lead to sagging and bulging under the skin leading to or increasing the appearance of eye bags.

If you would like to rejuvenate your eye area then the treatments listed below can help.


Treatments available for Hooded Eyes and Eye Bags

We offer four different treatments to help rejuvenate the eye area.

Plasma BT

Plasma BT uses plasma energy to sublimate excess tissue in the eye area such as hooded eyelids and eye bags. Plasma BT none surgically removes excess skin as well as erasing crows feet and smoothing laughter lines, refreshing the eyes and remodeling collagen.

Plasma Shower

Plasma Shower harnesses the power of plasma energy in a different way to Plasma BT. This non-invasive treatment requires no downtime and is effective for rejuvenating the delicate eye area and tightening skin when combining with our Biorevitalisation products.

Exilis Elite Skin Tightening

Exilis Elite gently tightens the skin using radio frequency energy. This heat treatment targets the collagen in the dermis and stimulates the production of new healthy collagen to effectively tighten the skin around the eye area. This treatment is pain-free and there is no recovery time required.


Microneedling uses a mechanical pen type device to gently needle the skin, helping to induce the production of collagen. Combined with mesotherapy serums to help restructure and brighten the skin this treatment can help combat lines and wrinkles.

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I’ve recently had the Plasma BT treatment for a few different concerns. I’ve had my hooded eyes and eye bags treated, a couple of moles removed and my frown lines treated. I’m really impressed with the results. Its made me feel batter about myself. Even my friends have been asking me what I have had done.

The treatment was painless and the girls at The Body Clinic explained everything to me so I knew what to expect. There was a few days recovery but I had planned for this. I’m really pleased with the results and definitely recommend it to anyone.


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