How To Beat Summer Holiday Weight Gain

How To Beat Summer Holiday Weight Gain - The Body Clinic Like most of us, you might have worked your pants off to lose weight and get in shape ready for the summer. Only to spend two weeks lying in the sun, sipping mojitos on an all-inclusive, sun drenched holiday.

It’s all good fun until you put your jeans on to come home and they don’t fit! Luckily, at The Body Clinic we offer the perfect treatments and solutions to help you beat the summer holiday weight gain.

Whilst we always recommend staying as healthy as possible with a good diet and regular exercise the summer season can seriously throw you off track. With endless BBQs and picnics along with weddings and other special occasions; the temptations are endless. Plus, those 6 week school holidays, looking after the kids can really throw a spanner in the works for sticking to a regular your exercise routine. Before you know it the pounds have piled back on and some of us look for a helping hand to get back into shape.

As we head into September and the kids go back to school, free time becomes a bit more accessible and busy Mums and Dads can start thinking about taking some time out for themselves. Autumn is the perfect time to lose any excess pounds or inches that have snuck on over summer. That’s where our body contouring treatments and weight loss programmes come in! If you struggle with stubborn areas of fat, you could see fantastic results with one of the contouring treatments available at our West Midlands clinic.

3D Lipo Treatments

By using our range of 3D Lipo treatments and technologies, we are able to offer a number of fat loss and body contouring treatments to help you get the results you want. These treatments include Fat Freezing, Ultrasound Cavitation, Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction. Each of these treatments are non-invasive and regarded as safe, alternatives to traditional fat reduction surgery – and also a fraction of the cost!

By targeting specific areas, we are able to reshape and sculpt your body that could help to create the profile you’ve always wanted. Popular areas for treatment include the stomach, upper arms, flanks, thighs, hips and chin.

One question often asked when it comes to body contouring treatments, is how long the results can last for – can they really be as effective as traditional weight loss surgery? Potentially yes they can. 3D Lipo fat reduction treatments destroy targeted fat cells to help reduce pockets or areas of fat and if a healthy lifestyle and diet is maintained following the treatment you will maintain your results long term. For cellulite and skin tightening treatments we recommend a maintenance treatment every 6 weeks or so to maintain results.

With no down time required for any of our treatments, they are perfect to help you get in shape without the surgery or a long recovery period – most treatments can even be carried out in just one hour!

Lose the summer weight gain

We offer a very popular and successful weight loss programme for fast, safe and highly effective weight loss. We can help you lose any summer weight gain by using a combination of meal replacement products and healthy food.

We recommend The Cambridge Weight Plan, the programme has been around for over 30 years and has 5 different weight loss programmes, offering flexibility to find a programme to fit your needs. The key element of the programme is expert, weekly, one-to-one weight loss coaching. There’s no classes or weight shaming, just practical help and motivation each week. The Cambridge Weight Plan offers a wide range of great tasting meal replacement products that balance your blood sugars and keep you full with balanced protein, carbohydrates and good fats, along with supplying all your daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals.

The programme restricts calorie intake whilst kick starting your fat burning engines, helping clients to lose weight faster than other programmes, keeping clients motivated as they reach their goal quicker. And with a long term weight maintenance plan, we will help you keep the weight off for good.

As with all treatments, we highly recommend you seek out a consultation at our clinic in Stourbridge so that we can discuss your requirements and ensure you find the treatment or programme that’s right for you.