21 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You Feel Great This Year

Love them or hate them, New Year’s resolutions are a great way to change bad habits, live healthier, feel happier and implement positive change in your life.

But what New Year’s resolutions will have the biggest impact on your year in 2021?

After a rough ride this year, focusing your New Year’s resolutions around health and happiness is a great idea. You’ll feel better, look healthier and take a little control over your wellbeing whatever the next year brings.

So what can you do to improve it? How can you boost your health, improve your mood and make sure next year is a happy one?

Check out these 21 New Year’s Resolutions that will make you feel great in 2021…

1: Make Meditation A Part Of Your Day

A healthy mind is a happy mind – and nothing is better for your mental state than regular meditation. It’s not woo-woo or just for hippies! Studies show that regular meditation can decrease stress, improve sleep, boost your memory and reduce anxiety.

2: Drink More Water

We all know drinking more water is good for our skin, but did you know that even mild dehydration can cause headaches, brain fog and fatigue? So if you’re feeling groggy, grotty or struggling with dry or prematurely ageing skin, increasing your water intake could have a big impact on your health.

3: Get In Shape

A popular New Year’s resolution – weight loss. Losing weight can help you to feel healthier, have more energy and improve your overall health. If you’ve been carrying a few extra pounds, now is the perfect time to put a plan in place to get your body in shape. Diet and exercise is a great place to start, but if you want a little extra support then check out our non-surgical fat reduction treatments to see if they could help…

4: Quit Caffeine

Is that a scream I hear? I get it, quitting caffeine seems impossible. I quit caffeine in August and actually its made a huge difference! Quitting caffeine can give you more energy (no, I’m not kidding), help you to sleep better and reduce anxiety and stress. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, like I was, it could be time to switch to decaf and see just how much better you feel. A word of warning though – caffeine withdrawal can be rough – so consider weaning rather than a cold turkey approach!

5: Eat More Vegetables

Veggies are high in nutrients, low in calories and packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy and your skin looking young. Most people on a western diet don’t eat anywhere near enough each day. Try adding some extra veggies to your daily diet for a vitamin boost and better health.

6: Go Sugar-Free

Sugar isn’t only bad for your teeth, it’s bad for your mood, your energy and your skin too. Going sugar-free can give you more energy, reduce mood swings, stabilise your hunger and reduce your acne breakouts. Much like caffeine, it’s a good idea to wean off sugar or you could find you suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

7: Get More Sleep

Sleep is when our body rests and regenerates. If you’re not getting enough, you’ll not only feel tired, have difficulty concentrating and struggle with your mood, but you’re more likely to age faster too! Getting enough shut-eye every night will help your body repair, regenerate and make you feel great.

8: Spend More Time In Nature

We’ve spent a lot of time indoors this winter, so aiming to get out in nature more is a great (and covid-friendly!) New Year’s resolution. Not only is the fresh air good for you, but spending time in nature has been shown to improve mood, increase your vitamin D levels and reduce stress.

9: Practice Mindfulness

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious about the world right now, you’re not alone. But mindfulness could help you. Mindfulness teaches you to focus your attention on the moment, instead of allowing your brain to wander to “what ifs” or past problems. It’s easy to learn and can have a huge impact on your overall mental health.

10: Watch Less TV

Movies and TV series are a great way to shut off from the world for a little while and relax. But watching too much TV can have a negative impact on your quality of life. By reducing your screen time you’ll have more time to connect with your family, try new hobbies or learn a new skill!

11: Read More

Reading has many benefits – from education to entertainment, there’s nothing more versatile than a book. You can learn about the universe or disappear into a world of wizards and dragons. Studies have shown that reading not only helps you to relax, but it can boost your brainpower, increase empathy and help you to sleep too!

12: Declutter Your Home

Feeling a little stressed out, disorganised and overwhelmed? It could be your home that’s to blame! A messy or cluttered environment can affect how you feel, so getting on top of your tidying can have a positive impact. Let go of the things you no longer need and make your space a clean, enjoyable environment to live in. If you need a little help then check out the Netflix series – Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

13: Start A Gratitude Diary

Practising daily gratitude has been shown to have a positive impact on your mental health. Improving mood, reducing stress and helping you to focus on the things that really matter in life. While it sounds a little woo-woo, studies have actually shown that daily gratitude actually changes the brain on a physical level!

14: Spend Less Time On Social Media

Social media can be a wonderful asset in our lives – especially right now while we’re all a little isolated. But too much time spent online can have a negative effect on your mental health and happiness. By keeping your social media time-limited you’ll avoid getting caught in the newsfeed scroll and have more time for your family and other fun activities.

15: Move More

Movement is good for your body and good for your brain. If you spend your days sat at a desk and your evening sat on the sofa, it’s likely that you’re not moving enough! You don’t have to start running 5k every day – just get up and move around more. Take a walk while you make that phone call, use the stairs, not the lift, get up and stretch when you’ve been sat still. It’ll help get the blood flowing and reduce any stiffness.

16: Increase Your Flexibility

Another good New Year’s resolution for those of you who spend lots of time sitting. When you sit at a desk (or on the sofa) for hours on end, your hip flexor muscles can lose their flexibility. This can cause aches and pains in your lower back, hips and even shoulders. Regular stretching can help keep you flexible, allowing your body to feel comfortable and keeping good mobility as you age.

17: Reduce (Or Quit!) Alcohol

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions – drink less alcohol. Whether you’ve overindulged or you just want to feel healthier, reducing or eliminating alcohol from your diet can have a really good impact. There are some great non-alcoholic alternatives out there too! From gin and tonic to lager, whatever your favourite drink there’s an alcohol-free version available. Check out The Alcohol-Free Company for inspiration…

18: Spend More Time Connecting

If there’s one New Year’s resolution I think everyone should do, it’s this one. 2020 has been hard on us socially. While we can’t yet get back to normal, we can do some small things to help us stay connected to those we love. Pick up the phone instead of texting. Do a video call. Contact that friend you haven’t heard from in a while and arrange covid-safe meetups where you can. It’s good for your mental health and will help others too.

19: Take Care Of Your Skin

I’ve said it a million times – a good skincare routine can have a huge impact on the quality and health of your skin. I know it’s boring and frustrating to have to clean your face morning and night. But good skincare products and regular cleansing can help you to look and feel great. Preventing premature ageing and reducing acne breakouts.

20: Try Fasting

Feeling a little run down, sluggish or just unhealthy? A fast could be the answer. Studies have shown that fasting not only increases your metabolism, but it can help your body to regenerate and repair cells too. There are lots of different types of fasts, from juice fasts to water fasts, intermittent to long term, so I suggest you do some research to find out what will work for you.

21: Turn Off The News

And finally, I know we need to keep abreast of the current situation, but if you’re spending your time reading the doom and gloom of our media then you’re not going to feel calm, happy and content. Switch off the news and don’t pick up the paper. If there’s something important you need to know then have a quick Google, read the article you need, then move on with your day and do something positive.

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