12 wedding tips for beauty success

Wondering how to make sure you look your best on your big day? You’re in the right place. These 12 wedding tips for beauty success will help you plan, prepare and ensure that your body, mind and skin are all in tip-top condition on your special day.

1: Plan Ahead

Getting your body “wedding-ready” isn’t something you can do overnight, so one of the best wedding tips I can give you is to start planning in advance – around 6-9 months before your big day. Allow yourself plenty of time to get in shape, improve your skin condition and book any appointments you might need – such as skin treatments or fat reduction treatments – before your wedding.

2: Do A Trial Make-Up Session

Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day can help make sure you get that flawless “bridal look” but be sure to do a trial run in advance. A trial make up session will allow you and your makeup artist to discuss, plan and try out the makeup you’re going to have on your wedding day – it will also allow you to make sure you don’t have any unexpected reactions to any of the products used on the day!

3: Get Any Aesthetic Treatments In Advance

Aesthetic treatments, such as Facials, Chemical Peels and Microneedling can help give you radiant, clear skin and a more youthful complexion on your wedding day. But many of them do need to be done in advance to allow time for healing and for the full results to be visible.

Speak to an aesthetic clinic at least 6 months before the big day to discuss your treatment options and create a schedule that will give you the best results for your wedding.

4: Wear A Good SPF For a Month Before The Wedding

Sunburn or strap marks can be a nightmare for a bride! Thankfully it’s an easy problem to avoid. Stay out of the sun in the week before your wedding and be sure to apply a high factor suncream in the months running up to the big day.

Remember, it doesn’t have to feel hot to get tan lines! You just need a little sunshine on your skin and Boom! Strap marks or panda eyes caused by your sunglasses!

5: Don’t Detox Too Close To The Big Day

A detox or juice cleanse can be a great way to clear toxins from your body, lose weight and clarify your skin – but beware of the detox healing phase! When you detox, it’s very common to experience an increase in skin complaints initially – this can mean breakouts, skin eruptions and not to mention emergency trips to the toilet!

Brides who detox in the run-up to the wedding could be letting themselves in for bad skin and a bloated tummy on their big day. Allow at least 4-6 weeks to complete your cleanse and ensure that you’re skin is radiant and your digestion has improved.

6: Be Realistic About Weight Loss

We’ve all heard the stories of the bride trying to crash diet her way into her dress the week before the wedding. Weight loss takes time. This is one of the most important wedding tips – If you want to shed a few pounds or get in better shape for your big day then plan ahead. Depending on how much weight you want to lose you should start planning from 6-12 months to give yourself plenty of time to reach your ideal weight.

Start your diet and exercise routine in plenty of time – it’s realistic to expect 2lbs of fat loss per week if you stick to a good plan. Fat Freezing and Ultrasound Cavitation can help give your weight loss a boost, shifting fat from those stubborn areas and contouring your body before your big day.

7: Stay Hydrated

Good hydration can help keep your skin clear and smooth as well as helping you feel energised too and reducing water retention. The last few weeks before your wedding can be demanding and stressful. Staying hydrated will help ensure your body has the water it needs to stay healthy and keep your energy levels high as you crack on through your last-minute to-do list.

Aim to drink around 2-2.5 litres of water every day to stay hydrated.

8: Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

We definitely recommend upgrading your skincare routine prior to your wedding BUT make sure you do this at least 3 months before. It will take 2-3 weeks for your skin to adjust to medical-grade products and 1-2 months to see the best improvements. This is especially important if you are treating a skin issue like acne, pigmentation or rosacea.

If you’re struggling with your skin and need a fast-acting treatment that can give you results within a couple of weeks of your big day then consider booking our ProGlow Signature Facial. This deep cleansing facial treatment clears gunk, refreshes the skin and hydrates your cells without causing any visible irritation.

9: Make Any Major Hair Changes In Advance

Thinking of going blonde? Getting a new hairstyle? Do it sooner rather than later. A new colour or a fresh style can make you feel beautiful on your big day, but what if you don’t like it? If it’s a big change, be sure to do it a couple of months before your wedding to allow time for a “fix” if you realise it was a mistake.

10: Keep Your Stress Levels Low

Planning a wedding can be stressful. There’s so much to do and such little time. Plus, you only get one chance to make your wedding day perfect! The problem is that stress can wreak havoc on how you look and feel by disrupting your sleep, affecting your skin or flaring up IBS.

Our wedding tips for your big day is to make a plan to keep your stress under control as the big day draws nearer. Including meditation, yoga and exercise in your daily routine are all great solutions for reducing stress. This isn’t one of the most common beauty wedding tips but it will help keep your skin and body in balance and your mind clear so you can enjoy your big day.

11: Prepare A Beauty Kit For On The Day Touch Ups

No matter how good your makeup artist is, it’s likely that you’ll need a little touch up as you get through the day and into the evening. Put together a touch-up kit to keep you looking and feeling fresh. Include makeup – such as powder, eyeliner, lipstick and concealer. If you are prone to an oily shine that you don’t want to see on photographs, we really love the Invisimatt Blotting Paper from Fenty Beauty. Other wedding tips include making sure your bridesmaids have got some deodorant, perfume, mints and a packet of baby wipes close to hand during the day.

12: Remember It’s Ok To Look Like You

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, but remember, your husband to be is marrying you – just as you are. It can be nice to lose some weight and ensure you look great on your big day but don’t place too much pressure on yourself. It’s totally ok to look like you.

Looking For More Wedding Tips?

Here at The Body Clinic, we help brides to be – like you – to lose weight, tone up and get your skin looking clear, smooth and beautiful. If you like the wedding tips in this blog and you’d like some support getting “wedding-ready” then get in touch…


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