10 Tips to Keep Skin Healthy During Winter

Don’t let your skin suffer during the colder months, follow our 10 tips to keep skin healthy during winter.

If you’re anything like us, now that winter is here you’ve probably noticed your skin is needing a slightly different routine to what it did a few months ago. Cold weather, central heating, layers of clothing, plus the temptation to have long hot baths can play havoc with your skin.

For many people they find that their skin is dull and drier during the winter months, this can lead to redness, flaking and irritation. For others, the cold weather triggers an increase in oil (sebum) production, leading to congested skin and breakouts. It’s totally normal for your skin to need different skincare in the winter. This is especially true for those of us who are over 40!

It can be tempting to turn a blind eye to your skin’s needs during the winter and keep yourself covered up under layers of jumpers, tights and jeans. Whilst this might be the easier option, this is a big mistake. Keeping a healthy glow during the cold winter months just needs a little bit of effort.

Here are our top 10 tips to keep your skin healthy during winter

1. Turn the temperature down!

If you are guilty of cranking up the central heating up and having long hot baths then this is the quickest way to dry out your skin.

The dry air from the central heating in your house and car literally sucks the moisture out of your skin. Whilst hot water from your bath or shower can damage the keratin cells in the epidermis (surface of your skin). This prevents your skin cells from retaining moisture.

Our advice is to try and keep your thermostat set to 18-20 degrees C, particularly at night time whilst you sleep. When bathing you should aim to keep your water lukewarm and minimise the length of time you spend in the shower or the bath to just 5 or 10 minutes. If your skin is turning red in the water, is too hot!

2. Put a bowl of water on top of your radiators

As we said above, central heating dries out the air in your home, stripping away moisture. To combat this we would recommend humidifying the air in the rooms you spend the most time.

Whilst you can buy a humidifier to use in your home, a simple and free hack is to pop a bowl of water on top of your radiator.  This will infuse moisture into the air and help to keep your skin hydrated.

Place a bowl on top of the radiator in the rooms where you spend the most time, just be careful it is secure and won’t get knocked off.

3. Swap your cleanser

As your skin struggles to cope with the temperature changes, you may notice it becomes dull, dry, flaky and maybe even irritated.

During the winter months, your skin needs extra moisture. If you normally use a liquid, gel or foam cleanser then it would be worth changing to a product that is richer. We recommend trying an oil cleanser or a cream cleanser. This will help to gently cleanse your skin whilst locking in much-needed moisture.

We absolutely love Circadia Skincare’s Vitamin Veil Cleanser. It’s an oil cleanser that is packed full of natural oils and vitamins which will cleanse your skin, removing makeup, dirt and debris. Leaving a veil of protection for your skin.

4. Wear soft materials

In the effort to stay warm and protected from the elements, we all turn to jumpers, scarves, thick tights and gloves. But be careful because harder or rougher fabrics like wool can aggravate your skin.

If these rougher fabrics come into direct contact with your skin, they can cause itching and irritation. Be sure to wear softer fabrics, like cotton, next to your skin. Maybe treat yourself to some silk liners for your gloves.

5. Increase your moisturiser

When we think about dry skin, its easy to just be focused on your face. As your skin is the largest organ, it’s important to think about your whole body when it comes to moisturising.

To prevent flaky, dry skin we recommend using a body moisturiser every day. It’s best to apply this immediately after a bath or shower, onto slightly damp skin. This will really help to lock in moisture and keep your skin in tip-top condition.

To keep your face looking healthy, we would suggest using a heavier, richer moisturiser during the winter months. This will help to deeply nourish your skin, replace lost lipids and strengthen your skin’s barrier.

Regen Ceutic or K Ceutic, both by Dermaceutic Laboratoir are excellent in the fight against dry skin.

6. Don’t forget your hands and lips

Our hands and lips are constantly exposed to the elements so its no wonder that hey become chapped, dry and cracked.

Be sure to carry a creamy lip balm and hand moisturiser everywhere you go. Look for products containing Shea Butter. Or if you want a natural alternative you could try slathering on coconut oil.

7. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is so important to support all of your body’s functions, including your skin. In the colder months, it’s easy to forget to drink plenty of water. We get it, water is cold and not always that appetising, so you end up drinking more teas and coffees. This can leave you even more dehydrated, not to mention consuming 100’s more calories if you keep stopping at Starbucks or Costa.

If cold water is too off-putting, try drinking warm water and slices of lemon. This is a delicious and detoxifying drink. Invest in herbal teas like Green Tea, Chamomile or Mint, these are easy ways to drink more fluid. You could also swap your normal teas and coffees for decaf varieties. Not only will you be boosting your fluid intake, but you will also benefit from the antioxidants and polyphenols.

8. Get some fresh air

Being locked away inside is no good for all sorts of reasons. But we can become Vitamin D deficient during the winter which can affect your skin and accelerate ageing.

Get outside for at least 15 minutes every day. The fresh air will help clear your head and boost productivity and the daylight will help boost your vitamin D levels.

9. Wear an SPF

Everyone knows how important it is to protect their skin from the sun. But this shouldn’t be exclusively whilst you are on holiday. We recommend wearing sunscreen all year round, even in the winter.

Whilst UVB rays are less in the winter, (think UVB = burning) UVA rays are the same all year round (think UVA = ageing). Exposure to UVA rays leads to skin damage, accelerated ageing and skin cancer. Plus we are all exposed to internal radiation and smog from mobile phones, computer screens, TVs etc. These can all have a negative effect on your skin.

Use a broad spectrum SPF to help protect your skin year-round, such as Heliocare 360 range.

10. Consider a professional treatment

The winter is a fantastic time to invest in professional treatments to boost your skin and repair damage. Professional treatments can help to improve your skin’s function and combat the effects of winter.

If you are looking to intensely improve your skin, look for treatments such as Skin Peels or Microneedling. These will really improve the texture and tone of your skin, tackle damage, ageing and pigmentation.

Or if you are looking to support your skin during winter, we recommend a regular, monthly facial can help improve your skin’s function by deeply cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing your skin.