10 weight loss tips that actually work

If weight loss was easy the then we would all be slim and happy. But unfortunately lift isn’t like that and maintaining a healthy weight is challenging for many of us. Weight loss doesn’t have to be achieved by using the latest fad diet. Making healthier choices and changing some bad habit can make a big difference to our waist lines. Check out our 10 weight loss tips that actually work and get in shape this winter.

(1) Slow and steady wins the race

Researchers have found that you consume and extra 67 calories every meal when you eat to fast. This is because you haven’t given your brain a chance to tell your body that you’re full.

So, enjoy your meal at a slower pace and potentially lose 1Ib a month!

(2) Water makes a difference

We recommend you drink a big glass of water before eating. A study from the university of Birmingham found that 12 obese adults that drank at least 500ml of water before meals lost an average of 9.48Ibs over 12 weeks. So get guzzling.

We have this little mantra in the clinic.. “The more your drink the more you shrink” and it really IS true!

(3) Getting emotional

We understand that everyday is full of stress, whether its family, work or relationships AND its all too easy to resort to emotional eating. But reaching for the cakes, chocolate or crisps is going to play havoc on your waist line. When you need that sugar hit we recommend swapping sugary sweets for fresh fruit, a handful or mixed nuts and natural yogurt.

Or even better go for a walk in the fresh air and clear your head. Or practice 10 minutes of mindfulness to help ease your stress.

(4) Processed just doesn’t make sense

By now, we all know that the more processed foods you eat, the more weight you will gain. Anything that is not in its natural state means it has gone through all kinds of processes to get to your plate. And it also normally means it has lost a lot of its goodness and fibre.

To improve your shape and your health, we recommend trying to eat whole foods 80% of the time and keeping the processed and convenience foods to a minimum.

(5) Dear diary…

Keeping a food diary is a great idea. It keeps you accountable and fully informed of what is ACTUALLY going in your mouth.

Gone are the days of using pen and paper to record your food. With the invention of Apps like My Fitness Pal or FitBit you can count every single calorie that enters your body. You can track everything such as your steps, exercise, inches and weight loss, you can even track your macros if you want to get scientific.

Its really motivating to keep track of your daily intake. But it only works if you write every day down…not just the good days!

(6) The before picture

Keep yourself motivated by sticking a photograph of yourself on the fridge and hopefully this will become your ‘before picture’ as you loose weight and inches.

(7) Just keep swimming…

Or running, or walking or riding your bike around the block – keep active as much as you can to burn as many calories as possible. Aim for 10,000 steps each day, this is equivalent to 5 miles!

You could  join a gym or exercise class to keep motivated, or find an exercise buddy to help keep you both motivated.

(8) Watch the traffic lights

Keep a eye out for the traffic light system found on food packaging in Tesco and the likes. These will generally help you make healthier food choices. Green for go ahead, amber for eat in moderation and red for “This is bad”. Shopping for healthy options has never been easier.

(9) Sweet dreams…

Scientists found that missing a single nights sleep can slow down your metabolism by a shocking 20%. Your bed is now officially your best friend seven nights a week.

(10) A glass a day does not keep the doctor away

Did you know that cutting out a glass of wine on week nights could lead to losing up to 14lbs a year? Yes we’re all tempted by a cheeky glass of wine at the end of a hard days work, but try and keep alcoholic drinks to a minimum to avoid raking up unnecessary calories.

Top Tip – Don’t drink your calories!!

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